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Revuesoft Solutions India: Fortifying Businesses through Best-in-Class Products & Services

si Team
Thursday, December 3, 2015
si Team
21st Century has witnessed a tremendous growth in digitization, hardware and software industries. With technologies such as IoT, Cloud, and Smart Devices introduced, the market landscape transmuted drastically mandating software support. As the cloud computing and smart business strategies enriched the market, demand certainly increased for custom software development, opening new roots for thousands of fresh players to charter. But for software developers, the most challenging part was a robust setup and increasing requisites of automation and cost-reduction.

Amidst the huge crater left in the transmutation process, Revuesoft Solutions India was born in 2012 in Hyderabad with an endeavour to suffice the software development desiderata of the SMEs and MSEs that were left unattended in the process to attend big brothers of the industry. The company offers Enterprise Business Automation software product and Enterprise University/Educational Institution automation software.

Feature Enriched Product & Services

Incorporated by Krishnakanth V (Chairman & Managing Director) with his partner, Revuesoft is the home to ERP Implementation and Services, Software and Product Development, Mobile Application Development and Solutions, Website Design and Maintenance, Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Project Management and Customer Support, Quality Assurance and Testing, and Corporate Training and Business Consulting services.

In addition to its Services, Revuesoft offers two flagship products - AdvantageERP & CampuSmart. AdvantageERP, an integrated accounting and ERP system that consummates all of the accounting and business management desiderata of any organization, runs both offline & online. After strategic consideration and analyzing the various business processes, workflow and functional requisites of companies across verticals and industrial domains, this product targets SMEs as well as MNCs through its three versions: Basic, Business & Enterprise. This feature-rich product also provides facile customization of every feature, functionality, and report with minimum effort.

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