Revuesoft Solutions India: Fortifying Businesses through Best-in-Class Products & Services

Date:   Thursday , December 03, 2015

21st Century has witnessed a tremendous growth in digitization, hardware and software industries. With technologies such as IoT, Cloud, and Smart Devices introduced, the market landscape transmuted drastically mandating software support. As the cloud computing and smart business strategies enriched the market, demand certainly increased for custom software development, opening new roots for thousands of fresh players to charter. But for software developers, the most challenging part was a robust setup and increasing requisites of automation and cost-reduction.

Amidst the huge crater left in the transmutation process, Revuesoft Solutions India was born in 2012 in Hyderabad with an endeavour to suffice the software development desiderata of the SMEs and MSEs that were left unattended in the process to attend big brothers of the industry. The company offers Enterprise Business Automation software product and Enterprise University/Educational Institution automation software.

Feature Enriched Product & Services

Incorporated by Krishnakanth V (Chairman & Managing Director) with his partner, Revuesoft is the home to ERP Implementation and Services, Software and Product Development, Mobile Application Development and Solutions, Website Design and Maintenance, Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Project Management and Customer Support, Quality Assurance and Testing, and Corporate Training and Business Consulting services.

In addition to its Services, Revuesoft offers two flagship products - AdvantageERP & CampuSmart. AdvantageERP, an integrated accounting and ERP system that consummates all of the accounting and business management desiderata of any organization, runs both offline & online. After strategic consideration and analyzing the various business processes, workflow and functional requisites of companies across verticals and industrial domains, this product targets SMEs as well as MNCs through its three versions: Basic, Business & Enterprise. This feature-rich product also provides facile customization of every feature, functionality, and report with minimum effort.

Revuesoft\'s flagship ERP software, CompuSmart - well-versed automation software for educational Universities and institutes provides end-to-end automation and university management solution with capacities to consummate all the operational and management desiderata of any size university or educational institutions. This software that is plenarily capable to run online & offline is designated in two versions: Business and Enterprise to match the requisites of University and easily customizable as per requisites. Its comprehensive modules for University Management, Student Management, Admissions, Distance Education and Affiliation College Online Management system furnish easy-to-understand and cost-effective solutions. Krishnakanth integrates, \"We reach to our customers with best services and support based on their requisites. Our user-friendly products are easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. The products we bring in are cost-effective than big brands available in the market. So customers prefer to use Revuesoft\'s Products & Services\".


As a new company originates, so are new ideas, ambience and a fresh enthusiasm. Being on the same page, this three-year old startup also believes in a positive work-culture that includes fun-lunches, events and programs. \"We instigate the \'best culture\'. The company ascertains that there is always an upcoming event so the entire team has something to look forward to, and it uses methods to make sure that the entire team works well together by insisting everyone avails keep break areas clean or sending desultory employees out to lunch together,\" explicates Krishnakanth.

Enriched by a wide range of industry expertise, Revuesoft\'s management team always works towards company\'s goals to align with the visions set for the organization in integration to availing employees with best skill development training facilities amidst availing employees with liberation in career development path and best technical guidance through experienced senior resources.

In the process to procure the best results and avail customers grow, Revuesoft has segregated its visions in five different categories - Illustrate, Translate, Indicate, Dedicate, and Operate. To lay out the company\'s future roadmap, this startup\'s first strategy is to ameliorate the core delivery processes leveraging process capabilities and competencies that include recruiting, skills development, marketing, performance management and compensation, information technology, and administrative support services. Through translation process, this startup wants to determine what processes should be developed to distribute, what products to develop and what customers to accommodate. In order for the strategy to be made actionable, measurement systems and data must be developed. As indication or prediction is an integral part of strategic business decision, Revuesoft wants to weigh its decisions to take early measures to secure the future.
Allocating the right process indicators and measures to the appropriate personnel, this organization wants to develop & implement visual engagement system through designing appropriate process performance reporting disciplines and procedures. Also, Revuesoft\'s goal is to train & engage personnel & process management teams linking process performance to individual performance management system. To improve employee\'s performance, knowledge and skills, it has also included process and process-based performance management systems per design through evaluating performance and prioritizes improvement opportunities. Expressing about company\'s visions, Krishnakanth expounds, \"It is consequential to recollect that core business processes sanction various elements of an organization to link its activities to the distribution of value to the market. It is equally important for the top tiers of leadership to translate strategic objectives into operational terms. And to achieve that, we have to determine felicitous methodologies for addressing improvement opportunities and assess changes in business environmental conditions - market, technological, & regulatory to reflect in PMS.\"


Key Management

Krishnakanth V, Chairman & MD

An aspired business leader with a decade of experience in Software & Product development and Business Consulting services, Krishnakanth has strong market insights.

Office: Hyderabad

Services: Software & Product Development

Products: AdvantageERP & CampuSmart

Clients: SMEs & large Scale Industries in India, Africa and other locations


- Selected in NASSCOM 10000 startups program-2014
- Selected in HOT100 Technology Award in Enterprise Software Segment by CIO Choice for the Year-2014