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RV Solutions: Leading the Bandwagon of e-Governance in DigitalIndia

si Team
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
si Team
In the epoch of 'at a click' e-services, it is inevitable to implement digitalization. Execution of e-governance in India through NeGP (National e-Governance Plan) utilizing PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model has cemented the way for a numeral organization to join the bandwagon. Leading the way, Noida-headquartered RV Solutions has widened the path for e-governing services with a value for money offering for converting files to bytes. RV has introduced APAR Management System to maintain data digitally. It helps in securing data, tracking and minimizes the manual errors to generate report. Another complete e-governing application, Cadre Management System, offers a complete management of officers' information such as transfer, postings, vacancy report, due list based on the current transfer policy and many more.

Former NIT student Vandana Seth founded RV Solutions in 2008 with a software development division and expanded to mobile service division that takes care of repairing mobile devices and tablets, in 2010. With a goal for making technology affordable, RV Solutions has partnered with telecom giants like Airtel, Reliance and Vodafone to roll out mobile communication throughout the country. Across pan-India, RV Solutions deals with installation and commissioning of telecom equipments and its maintenance. Apart from this, the company also offers software development in terms of content management system, cadre management system, open source solutions, e-municipality, and others. The company has created a path to walk on, result of which is the unique skill set that it has created over the short period of seven years where it has the distinction on handling IT and Telecom repairs.

Implementing Result-Driven Goals

With special insights in the e-governance program, this young company provides solutions to the CWC (Central Water Commission), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defence and e-Municipality for Siwan, Bihar and numerous ministries and governing bodies across India. In Digital India initiative, RV Solutions has been a milestone with services like Payroll Management System, Cloud based solutions and many more. Specialized in e-Governance, RV Solutions has a wide variety of mobile and web based solutions. The company stands for its values of being responsive, reliable and do result driven work to provide values to its esteemed clients. While 'hard work is fun and fun at work is not hard' is their motto, diverse and ethnic workforces have helped RV Solutions to gain national acknowledgement for eminence in services through result-driven goals.

Vandana Seth, CEO, RV Solutions, throws light on certain challenges the company faces and explains, "The biggest challenge is managing quality services. Current market is looking for IT Services at low prices whilst compromising on quality. We are optimizing operational cost so as to match the low price without any compromises on quality". The unorganized sector also poses a huge risk to the electronic equipment market. RV Solutions is working closely with vendors and apprising them of the risks involved in being associated with such unorganized clusters.

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