Starting Up? Some Points to Consider

By V Shankar, Member of The Chennai Angels
Monday, July 20, 2015
By V Shankar, Member of The Chennai Angels
There comes a time when we seriously evaluate what we are currently up to, and whether we should be doing something else. Given the "sexiness" of starting up, inevitably entrepreneurship is one of the choices to be considered. Here are some points to consider if you are evaluating entrepreneurship as an option:

1) These days there are startups established by VC firms with salaried "entrepreneurs" who are given a little stock. However, true entrepreneurship normally follows a passion. It arises out of a deep conviction that one knows how to do some particular thing better than anyone else and with appropriate knowledge and experience backing it up. While all types of startups can be successful, ones born of passion are more personally satisfying.

2) Some life experience is always an asset - Starting up out of college (or even in college) sounds very exciting, but some life experience (working somewhere) is a tremendous asset. Certainly you will find that the real world is quite different from both the life and education on campus.

3) Starting up is grueling - Particularly if one is transiting from a corporate life, the shift to startup mode is stark. One has to work longer hours for less take home, and performing, on occasion, work that a peon would have done in the corporate. But, that is what makes the eventual success sweeter.

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