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BETSOL: Delivering Impressively Customized Experience While Maintaining Lower Cost & Overhead

si Team
Monday, July 20, 2015
si Team
The continual evolution of automation capabilities in technology support and development is empowering organizations to improve the time-to-market, reduce total cost of ownership, and identify troubles proactively. This overlay onto another major trend - data. The challenge becomes how a company can best collect, store, correlate, and deliver the right data to the right person at the right time.Being a thought-leader in both of these spaces, BETSOL is guiding companies through transformations. BETSOL's software engineering & support services are usually achieved either by staff augmentation or true end-to-end solution delivery. BETSOL secured a niche space for itself in this competitive industry by remaining a boutique company. The company's size allows it to deliver a very customized experience to its clients with significantly more depth of service, while also maintaining lower cost and overhead.

Turning Several Heads with Noteworthy Achievements

Founded in 2002, BETSOL kick-started its operations in 2012 in both U.S. (Denver) and India (Bangalore). By working closely with industry analysts and executives, the company ensured the attraction of right talents, tailored its services early,and mastered the art of providing services at a competitive price point andwith industry-leading quality. Achieving end-customer Net Promoter Scores that are twice the industry average kept BETSOL on par with some of the best companies in the world, including Apple and Nordstrom. BETSOL also turned several heads by developing a highly advanced enterprise communications white-label services product that won the TSIAA Innovation award. These accomplishments bestowed the company with a significant set of industry-leading clients, who have been able to stay focused on their core competencies, while allowing BETSOL to manage their technology and scale challenges.

Although BETSOL thrives in many areas of software engineering & support services, it built its forte in Infrastructure Support Services arena. The company holds the technologies, processes, and thought-leaders to ensure its clients' systems are optimized and supportive of business processes; thereby driving higher efficiency, true 24x7x365 support, and proactive solutions resulting in better up time and reduced costs."Being a SME helps us to remain nimble and abreast with the rapid shifts in technology. Hence, we are cautious on remaining true to such core operating tenants as we grow. We have been selective in the opportunities we take, ensuring whether the proposal and culture is a strong match for both the client and us," asserts Ashok Reddy, CEO, BETSOL.Needless to say, the company's stringent filtering process only brings in seven percent of the interviewees. This helps BETSOL stay true to its core strengths and outstanding value proposition.

Productizing Infrastructure Support Services

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Reader's comments(3)
1:Awesome.. Kudos to all...
Posted by: - 11th Aug 2015
2:Well said and truly deserved success.
Posted by: Nilesh Gulhane - 11th Aug 2015
3:Awesome awesome..Kudos to all..
replied to: Nilesh Gulhane post - 11th Aug 2015
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