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MobME: Exploring the Future of Enterprise Customer Satisfaction

si Team
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
si Team
If an odd surveyor asks someone whether his/her smartphone is really influencing day-to-day life, the probable answer would be - "Not that much, but I just can't live without it". In the present days, we can't even remember the last time we actually didn't use our smartphone for a whole day. From ordering a tea to booking flight tickets, from transferring money to reporting your experience over a cross country flight, we just feather-touch our smartphone. But imagine the context present around six years back where we were not familiar with smartphones and digital transactions; you might feel like 10 long years instead of six. Foreseeing this allure of people towards the telecom & mobile technology way back in 2006, three engineering buddies incepted MobME Wireless Solutions Limited as a one-stop-shop of technology solutions for telecom services providers. In the very next year itself, the venture was awarded '100 IT Innovators' by NASSCOM.

Post several gear-shifts over the years, MobME grew many-fold and became a trusted & end-to-end technology platform offering various handles & solutions predominantly under three segments - Telecom Solutions (NetSol), BFSI Mobility Solutions (Digital Banking Labs) & Customer Experience Analytics (Geckolyst). MobME also incubated cutting edge FinTech solutions including Chillr (peer to peer money transfer) & JetSetPay (mobile commerce), and provided startup guidance through the founding of Startup Village (now Sv.co)

An aggressive & risk accepting core team that effectively focuses on the services & customer centric solutions molded the organization into a product based value driver and a technology company that delves into ideas that are innovative and trailblazing. Not only this underlying value which makes the products of the company differentiable, but also the ever growing enthusiasm to explore future helped MobME to posture itself in the current heritage.

Delivering Trusted Solutions

Having begun with the products and services in mobility, today the company has gone above and beyond to also house various businesses in Fintech and Analytics that serve clients worldwide through its offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Cochin, with its major handles serving diverse verticals including Telecom, Banking, Airlines, e-Commerce and Hospitality.

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