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MindWorx: Simplifying IT by Deriving Maximum Productivity from Minimal Resources

si Team
Thursday, December 29, 2016
si Team
With the incessant technological evolvement, IT organizations worldwide are enforced to launch newer products just to stay in the competition. This has opened up new doors for outsource development centers (ODCs) in Indian territory, as the country is enriched with skilled technical talent pool available at affordable price, who can develop and constantly upgrade those products for them. But cutting cost doesn't necessarily mean that they need to compromise on quality, as India has a few organizations that can actually improve the product's quality while minimizing the cost. MindWorx Software Services is one such process focused organization that has proved its mettle by surpassing its client expectations in everything it does. Firmly believing that success comes with simplicity, the company stands apart from its competitors by deriving maximum output/productivity from minimal processes and resources, all the while ensuring smooth migration.

Utmost Transparency & Flexibility

Yet another factor that separates MindWorx from the crowd is its utmost transparency. "If the clients want to interview the resources, choose the tools & technologies or manage their work, we are open to that. Or we can take the sole responsibility if they want us to. We are not rigid at all in any of the processes," remarks Baba Bhapkar, Founder & CEO, MindWorx. The company also enables clients to choose the kind of reports (weekly, monthly or fortnightly) for different processes (support & maintenance, QA & project management). With weekly telephone reviews, daily reports, a single point of contact, and a program management tool that allows tracking of a program on a daily basis, MindWorx ensures that clients not only have a comfortable outsourcing experience, but also have complete control over the entire process.

Proposing various models such as POG & OODC with defined processes, the company accommodates diverse product/solution companies based on their requirement and future roadmap, after understanding their business through meticulous analysis. Furthermore, MindWorx endows clients with the flexibility of scaling up or down the resources whenever required. The company has built several globally recognized tools to manage the processes, while providing diverse services akin to product modernization, re-engineering, enhancements & upgradation to a new technology among others under the ODC umbrella. MindWorx Studios is the company's entity with a dedicated team that facilitates its clients to modernize their UI & UX, which fits to their core application apart from providing their end users with a better experience.

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