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IOTAP: Keeping Customers Apace with Rapidly Growing Market through their Cloud consultancy expertise & Strong Technical background

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
India is undergoing a tremendous growth, hence enterprises are in dire need of effective technologies that are capable of providing agility, systems and processes apace with this market. IOTAP, an end-to-end comprehensive IT solution provider, forecasted this need a year ago and started its operation in India. The global company founded in 2004, was determined to leverage their strong technical competency to enhance customer's growth and productivity. IOTAP's customers surge ahead of competition by reducing IT infrastructure complexity, risk and cost. IOTAP's R&D facility and development team not only brought alive this dream within a year, but enabled IOTAP to surpass its own expectations in terms of customer acquisition as well as revenue by gaining reputation as the go-to provider for several solutions, especially around the Microsoft technology arena.

The company that quickly spread its wings across U.S., UK, Oman and India, is an end-to-end provider that doesn't necessarily stick to a particular platform or vendor. Nonetheless, IOTAP was accredited with several recognitions from Microsoft including the coveted Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner status-2012 that is held by less than 1 percent of Microsoft partners. This recognition was given for IOTAP's track record in delivering Office 365 and Dynamics CRM solutions. Through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment, Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Oman-2013, Top Ten Solutions from Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace-2014. IOTAP was then selected as one of the top partners to join Microsoft Partner Advisory Council for Cloud in 2014. IOTAP has also been honoured with the distinctive Microsoft SMB Cloud Champions Club membership, and Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year INDIA - 2014. IOTAP was also recently selected to join the prestigious Microsoft Windows Azure Circle Partner Program this is an exclusive group of managed partners. IOTAP has also added to its suite of technology solutions by becoming a strategic alliance with SoftLayer, an IBM company, McAfee, an INTEL company, FORTINET and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Customizing Solutions by Identifying Pain points

Though IOTAP was new to a semi-mature Indian market, pain points remained similar worldwide. Hence, they focused on market-relevant technologies such as cloud and BYOD with highly consultative and customer-centric approach, IOTAP was able to pinpoint customer's pain areas and customize solutions according to customer's business processes, needs, budget, and growth plans, unlike other vendors providing vanilla solutions. IOTAP's distinctive IT consulting and software services enable companies to effectively connect, communicate and collaborate with internal as well as external customers and peer-groups.

IOTAP provides complete strategy, solutions and services for Cloud implementations and Migrations, Portals & Collaboration, Document Transmittal & Control, CRM, Web Content Management Systems and Custom Application Development. Using balanced blend of business and technical expertise, IOTAP establishes partnership with customers to ensure their ability to attain maximum ROI consistently. The company that primarily focuses on cloud, productivity, social and security, has its portfolio enriched with a wide variety of customers ranging from manufacturers like Hamilton, Jesons Industries, NBFI like Malabar investments and other mid-sized industry from Real Estate, Education ITES, etc. This enhanced IOTAP's competency in providing appropriate solutions to every customer according to their unique pain points.

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