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Digimafia Media: Creating Stronger Brands through Visual Storytelling

si Team
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
si Team
Brands across the world are increasingly turning to animation to reach out to their target audience. The Indian animation industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 16.3 percent and go from Rs 45 billion in 2014 to Rs. 95.5 billion by 2019. But this acceptance and interest in animation as a medium of communication is relatively new. When founders, Rohit Bharadwaj and Naren Gopal started Digimafia Media in early 2014, clients were less inclined to experiment with animation films for their branding and communication needs. Fast forward a couple of years - and the world has woken up to the power of digital video, and how!

Today, video advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other digital channels are key drivers to building visibility and improving brand recall. This shift has helped Digimafia service both established brands and startups, building an enviable portfolio in a short amount of time. Today, Digimafia's clientele includes Axis Bank, Bajaj, Ola Cabs, Roadrunnr, TimesJobs, Myntra, NoBroker, The Hindu and The Scalers, to name a few.

Animation videos are preferred by many clients because they can communicate complex ideas in a simple manner and engage the viewer easily. Also, compared to conventional live shoots, animation films can be executed despite time and cost constraints. So using animation as a promotional strategy on social media, is a highly preferred when clients want to create an effective and memorable campaign, quickly and affordably.

Outstanding Services

Digimafia provides a wide range of content-creation services for brands, handling every stage of production, from ideation to full HD output. The agency conceptualizes and produces both animated and live shoot Ad Films, Digital and Explainer Videos. Clients can choose from a variety of engagement models, contracting the agency for one or more videos, or agree on a retainer, for a fixed number of videos per month. Once on board, Digimafia will co-create a creative brand strategy, produce videos, and also take on digital marketing of the videos.

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