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August-2016  - Special issue
Cover Story
Author: Susila Govindaraj
As digitalization has become inevitable, to fulfil their unique automaton requirements, businesses are either developing their softwares the traditional way or opt for ready-to-use softwares, which are touted to be cheap, but succumbs... more>>

In My Opinion

Ashok Kapoor, VP - Marketing, Newgen Software
Recently, one of my colleague, while transferring money to his wife's account, encountered an issue with his banks's online... more>>

20 Most Promising Media & Entertainment Companies - 2016

si Team
The retiring announcement of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant occurred not on a major sports telly-network but via social media and... more>>
si Team
Driven by the increasing digitization and internet penetration, Indian media and entertainment (M&E) industry is gaining a... more>>
si Team
Brands across the world are increasingly turning to animation to reach out to their target audience. The Indian animation... more>>
si Team
Over 100s of news channels just in India; imagine the broader picture and the antagonism to be ahead in the race! In this... more>>
si Team
The latest study forecast that the Indian IP traffic is expected to grow four-fold in next three years. Internet Video is... more>>
si Team
How would you consider a production house that wins an international award for Best Travel Documentary for its very first project? more>>
si Team
A pioneer in global life style trade, Converse came up with a campaign - 'Made By You' in 2015, amalgamating the best 23 Indian... more>>
si Team
The rapid evolution of technology has shrunken the globe into a village. Especially the growth of entertainment industry is on... more>>

CXO Insights

Gaurav Garg, General Manager - HCM, CapitalVia Global Research
We generally use 'Creativity' and 'Innovation' synonymously, but do these words carry same meaning or is there a difference?... more>>
Nikhilesh Tiwari, Co-Founder, Helical IT Solutions
It is noticed that on an average, a manager spends more than two hours per day of his working trying to do data analysis, and... more>>
Gaurav Khurana, CMO, PAYBACK
The Indian Retail Industry has undergone a paradigm shift from a product-oriented industry to a more marketing focused industry... more>>

CEO Insights

David Swan, Founder & CEO, Blitzify
Technology is changing the way businesses interact with each other. It used to be that we could stop by AAA Motor Club and get... more>>
Saket Setu, CEO, C-Zentrix
In the mind of a consumer, a company's brand is as strong as the speed and usefulness of response it offers to their queries. more>>


Anamika Sahu
The Indian Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry is witnessing the dawn of its life and is acting as one of the important... more>>
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