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HRs Role in Organizational Innovation

Gaurav Garg, General Manager - HCM, CapitalVia Global Research
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Gaurav Garg, General Manager - HCM, CapitalVia Global Research
Headquartered in Indore, CapitalVia is a financial market research and consulting company, which provides live trading recommendations in Equities, Commodities & Forex based on technical research.

Creativity v/s Innovation

We generally use 'Creativity' and 'Innovation' synonymously, but do these words carry same meaning or is there a difference? 'Attention' is the key point of difference between 'Creativity' and 'Innovation'. Yet we find people often confused with both the terms. Creativity is often perceived as the 'quotient' conquered by artists (music, drama, art) only however, it has comprehensive definition mentioned on web dictionaries. Let's evaluate each of this words by going into the definitions.

'Creativity' is to generate ideas in order to solve problems, to communicate better, to bring entertainment in existing tradition of execution. On the other hand, 'Innovation' is a system to quantify the sum of 'inspiration', 'giving foundation to an idea' and at last 'implementing the Idea'. Innovation is a token that keeps revolving in the circular process of getting inspiration of innovation, idea generation and its implementation.

Organizations today are often seen talking about creativity which preferably should be 'Innovation'. What is essential here is how to put ideas to work rather than just keep building ideas. It is very important to understand this schema of innovation. To practice it more let's call it 'Innovative-Thinking'.

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