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Skandha Media Services: Offers Premium Video Services with Uncompromised Quality of Service

si Team
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
si Team
The latest study forecast that the Indian IP traffic is expected to grow four-fold in next three years. Internet Video is highlighted as the major trigger, forecasted to grow 45 percent year-after-year to hit 81 percent handout of the total IP traffic by 2020. But the pain point for businesses is to hand-pick a genuine media-ally amongst the colossal number of mushrooms popped-up seeing the lucrative perception of this niche market. Skandha Media Services, a premium global video service provider, is a bliss to such businesses. The organization came to existence in 2013 sensing the opportunity for services globally in media technology space. As the linchpin of the entity is wholly structured in quality of service, the company has invested a good portion in best of breed systems from the top vendors in the industry with infrastructure distributed geographically. This redundancy & DR enablement shields the company from failures, since it can switch over seamlessly to the backup systems.

The Matchless Work Engine

Along with its 24x7 technical analysis & operation team, the advanced QA tools ensure the quality of any video signal that passes through Skandha's systems. This ideal backend helped Vision Asia, a premium telly service provider in APAC to migrate from DVBS to OTT enabling LinearTV, Cloud recording (nPVR), CatchupTV and other TV-VAS services delivered to multi-screen devices (including STB, Web, iOS & Android) with 100 percent video infrastructure offered through Cloud. The other clientele of this Mumbai based firm includes, United Media, DD News, Microscan and others.

"Most of the Video Infrastructure vendors offer their solutions on a CAPEX model, while the platform providers extending their bit on Cloud/OPEX model leaving the complexity of System Integration & the chosen Hybrid system management internally for the Technology team, hence wasting the critical time to market and opportunities," asserts Yogesh Salian, Director - Client Services, Skandha. The company tackles these clutters via on-boarding a better decision making process through Advisory & Managed Service offerings for both Video Infrastructure & Platform services.

The direct & rock-solid harmony with heritage telecoms, ISPs and cable operators, and hand-in-hand processing with content owners and broadcasters who wish to carry their unique content worldwide collectively equip the organization to cater international customers. Furthermore, the ability to embrace multiple Indian regional-languages which is not available in the mainstream Medias helps the organization to stand out from the competitions.

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