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CredForce: The Global Credentialing Powerhouse

si Team
Friday, January 6, 2017
si Team
In the Business of Excellence. The Industry of Trust

This is one of CredForce's most defining taglines. CredForce emerged as an undisputed choice for the SiliconIndia marquee this year simply for what it has done for making all of us compete better, grow well, despite the future, and the flux in it! It looks at itself as an industry impact-force; a career-propeller, an economy-builder - a company that influences business and careers in the 21st century world like few others may do. Multilateral aid bodies, global charity foundations, government agencies, ministries and special interest groups, universities, industry promotion boards, professional associations, and indeed, a host of small and large business corporations including Fortune companies around the world - that's the list of partners and clients CredForce has, and it shows its power to influence for sure.

"We're helping solve perhaps the most fundamental of business-growth and career-related problem, the Credibility piece. The cost of going wrong with new Hire or of doing business for a wrong company is unforgivably high now. At the same time, the cost of assuring and vetting and validating your choices too, is very high. Then, there are frauds that don't exactly keep a ref-check or a due-diligence process entirely reliable," explains the CredForce President & Group CEO Rajiv Gupta.

And Rajiv, an ISB Hyderabad alumnus and a Fellow of The Wharton School, does make a lot of sense. With technology commoditizing, other business resources becoming abundantly available, and product-level differentiation waning rapidly, it has become harder for companies to stand out. Probably, the ability of organizations to build reliable business networks fast, to hire the best talents around, and to establish their credibility among potential business partners and clients should be regarded as most critical to have today, if companies desire to earn an upper hand or to keep one.

But how to find out the right partners for your network? How to manage the partner appointment costs? How to shorten the typical partnering cycle-times? How to reduce wrong-partnering costs? Is there a way to weed hassles, costs, mistakes and delays out of collaborations, partner-appointment, channel development and network-building processes? How about a way to get organizations 'display their qualifications' to make themselves attractive for their 'suiters' and which reliably prove they are worth a collaboration or a partnership? That's exactly where capability validation and credentialing comes into the picture - helping companies and individuals obtain proofs of their potential, promise and capabilities for exceptional performance from credible 3rd-party international standards bodies. Things that CredForce is up on the job, and how.

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