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Challenges & Opportunities for CIOs in 2015

By T G Dhandapani, CIO, TVS Motor Company
Thursday, February 26, 2015
By T G Dhandapani, CIO, TVS Motor Company
TVS Motor Company Limited (BSE: 532343, NSE: TVSMOTOR) is a part of TVS Group that manufactures motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and auto rickshaws in India. With a market cap of Rs 146.42 billion, the company has been a major player in the automotive sector since 1978.

Today's CIOs and IT departments are at the cross-road. On the one hand, digitization and globalization make the technology more critical than ever, IT capability becomes the competitive differentiator.Information/data just penetrate into every corner of their organization and our human society. On the other hand, the latest technology such as cloud/social computing unleash the potential to decentralize the enterprise, and democratize our working environment. Will IT be left out or more strategic focused and mission critical in an organization? Here is listed the top challenges facing in today's CIO as well opportunities. Substantial opinions are based on my experience as CIO for 15 years and more importantly as a business manager for 18 years.


1.Business value realization
Business value realization is an important agenda for CIO. If one can set aside the maintenance function of CIO (keeping the lights on), most of the initiatives in IT are executed through projects. Every project has objective, budget, time plan and benefits to bring to the organization. The benefits will be in the nature of topline or bottom line growth, market share gain, quality improvement and so on. The success on any IT projects is in its business value realization and institutionalization of improved activities and not just merely implementation. This understanding every CIO should have in order to be respected in the organization. Ideas for IT projects can come from business colleagues or from IT team. Successful CIO realizes that every project bring credibility based on its outcome. At the same time after institutionalization those projects become one of the hygiene activity of keeping the lights on. Establishing business value realization will not only help IT to move towards profit center but

also helps in taking the department into the next level of CMF. That is managing IT function like business. A quarterly or annual report on IT value creation to CEO or Board level will help.

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