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Celoxis: A Risk-Free Investment to Tackle Your Project Management Challenges

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
The late 90s, the time that witnessed a massive technology boom also saw organizations bewildered with complete chaos when it came to project management. Microsoft Excel and other project management technologies lay futile as it failed to enhance productivity. Having worked in the U.S. for over half a decade, Nikhil Daddikar and Ravindra Wankar (friends & co-founders, Celoxis) realized that too much time and effort were being frittered away on status meetings. The client was left out of the loop, email & documents scattered across desktops while vital activities slipped through cracks. Harnessing the technology dynamism, the duo quelled this mayhem by establishing Celoxis Technologies in 2001.

Celoxis said goodbye to disparate communication channels and facilitated real- time collaboration among all stakeholders. Owing to the founders astute prediction about the fierce influx of SaaS model, necessitation of on-premise deployment and the multiplatform geographically dispersed & multicultural nature of future teams, this futuristic Pune-based company came with tons of customization options and supported multiple browsers, databases and operating systems in their product from the very first day. Today, Celoxis is still one of the very few PM software to offer SaaS and On-Premise deployment options.

This all-in-one, enterprise-class, online PM platform can today boast of the highest team adoption in the marketplace and over 2,000 customers globally ranging from mid-sized enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.We are consistently among top three enterprise class project & portfolio management software globally, and that also reinforces customers belief in evaluating us, mentions Nikhil. Celoxis aided a leading U.S. based financial institution with 900 branches to radically magnify visibility & productivity by streamlining all task and resource management processes. Another client from public services development agency exclaims how hard it is to find a rare gem akin to Celoxis, which offers comprehensive features at a quarter of the money they were spending on prior systems.

Custom Apps Celoxis Recent Bold Innovation
We are India's first SaaS Company. We believe in bold innovations and will continue to do so, asserts Ravindra. Today, the demand for an integrated solution is quite apparent with diverse studies showcasing that 88 percent of buyers prefer it over the best-of-breed applications to tackle hurdles like vendor management, user adoption, skyrocketing license and integration costs. But being light years ahead, Celoxis forecasted this paradigm shift long before. Numerous organizations are still using homegrown apps, spreadsheets and other web-based tools, which is cumbersome and counterproductive. Add the fact that too much time is wasted filling information in multiple systems, leave aside the challenge of assimilating it for reporting. Celoxis Custom Apps is a recent innovation, which allows customers to build their own apps (business workflows) that they deem fit for their business challenges. Our real difference is that with Celoxis, all your related work activities are within a familiar interface. Along with our pre-built bug tracker, risk register, change request management and other apps, you can also build your own, e.g. client approval workflow or a request tracker, says Ravindra. And all of this tightly integrated with the core, adds Nikhil.

Celoxis Platform for Project Management & Work Collaboration

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