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CozyPOS: An Aid to Retail Industry

si Team
Friday, December 30, 2016
si Team
As Bill Gates has rightly said, "Information technology and business have now become extremely interwoven. To think of them without each other is now impossible". One cannot fathom running a huge enterprise solely on manual processing and not expect any errors on the way. Imagine slow service and utter confusion along with staffs messing up with an already late order at your favourite food outlet, spells nothing but disaster. To aid similar discrepancies, predominantly in restaurants, Salon & Spa and other retail outlets, CozyPOS, a pioneer in Point of Sale (POS) industry, is now assisting enterprises out of the wallows of archaic calculators, pagers and hand signals used by chefs and staffs through its exclusive POS solution.

Today's entrepreneurs do not want to be bothered by glitches that can come up during daily functioning of their enterprises. They would like to keep their hands free for directing the reins of innovation. CozyPOS proffers this freedom by mapping out their sales record, analysis of customer behaviour, inventory management, data analysis and many more, all in a flexible architecture which works on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. The omnipresence of CozyPOS can be observed in all big and small retail outlets in the aforementioned retail arenas with simple user interface, functionality and flexible architecture that can give cloud presence without compromising the performance on billing system at the outlet, and in turn, this delivery model has enabled the company to gather a loyal customer base.

CozyPOS solution currently solves about 90 percent of the current business needs of its customers. The key features of CozyPOS include flexible architecture with compatibility to all open software, user specific functions and easiness to take orders at the table and get it printed in the kitchen-a central management system which allows user to keep a tab on supply and expenses.

Paving the Way with End-to-End Assistance

There have been prior organizations who are skilled in providing POS service for years. This has definitely added on to their experience, but owing to the old norms, their own non-flexible architecture has bounded them. CozyPOS, since its establishment in 2012 as the POS solution phase of Cozy Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.- a 2007 born organization, has always had the affinity for being supple which it showcased by incorporating a modular architecture that automatically updates itself with latest technologies.

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