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Ad Astra: Bringing the Job Seekers and Providers on a Single Platform

Sumant Hebballi
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Sumant Hebballi
Finding a right job can be a hassle, for both the experienced and also the freshers in the industry. Although there are openings in several companies it becomes very difficult for a person to be aware of it. Social media might help to certain extent but that is not enough. Hence, their lies a huge gap between the job seekers and the providers. To bridge this gap, the company Ad Astra was established. Ad Astra is a provider of end-to-end HR and Recruitment Solutions across a wide spectrum of industry verticals and levels. Founded in 2007 by Jayanthi Y and Nirupama V G, the company is headquartered in Bangalore.

There are several challenges faced by the candidates in the market in order to find a job of their choice. And the main reason behind this being the lack of awareness of skills required for the job on the part of the candidates. Another challenge faced in this sector is on the client side as they are not able to attract the right candidates for the right jobs. Especially, in the case of start-up companies where finding a right candidate becomes extremely difficult.

To address these problems, Ad Astra provides services that are depending on their applications. Services offered by the company are segregated into five categories. Astral Honchos, dedicated to placing the highest caliber senior level executives (CXO level) in key roles in an organization. Astral Mélange focuses on providing next-gen leaders and star candidates for our clients. This could include the Ad Astra database selection, Media Advertising supported selection or Greenfield hiring. Astral Connect is dedicated to outsourcing of recruitment processes. Astral Consult has evolved into a single point HR solutions provider offering services in systems, training, compensation and diagnostics. And the last of their service is Astral Temp, it is dedicated in identifying and deploying resources at the client location. The service can also be customized using a hybrid methodology to suit the client need.

The company has been instrumental in influencing decisions on careers, which could have a long-term impact on peoples' lives. It also helps clients with sound advice, weighing the pros and cons of any offer in order to help them in making sound decisions. The company has its own cloud based ERP called as "A Cube" standing for "Ad Astra Automation". The platform helps in providing an end to end recruitment and staffing solutions from candidate life cycle management, client life cycle management, interview process, billing, collections and performance matrix based analysis through dash boards. Another major USP of the company is its consultants, who, with their knowledge, expertise, quality orientation, speed and ample support from technology provide bespoken services.

About 87 percent of the company's clients are gained through referrals. This high rate of recommendations reflects the impact that the company has made on its customers. Another testimony to the profound work done by the company is that Ad Astra has attained 'preferred partner' status with most of its' Fortune 500 clients and start ups sign up. The company, presently, has a total strength of over 180 team members, spread across 5 locations worldwide. Ad Astra intends to be the largest HR service provider in the Asia Pacific Region by 2018 and emerge as the most admired and preferred vendor of choice.
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