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Maneesh Jaikrishna, Vice President – India & Subcontinent, SITA
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Maneesh Jaikrishna, Vice President – India & Subcontinent, SITA
Airports are learning to harness the power of networks to offer new levels of service convenience to passengers and other stakeholders.

On an average day, 60,000 passengers will pass through an average airport. They all have their own journey plan, their own concerns and expectations. Some will be in a hurry. Others will arrive at leisure to enjoy a meal or drink, or some shopping.

It's the same pattern every day. And every day, the airport infrastructure has to be in working order. Movable assets must be in place ready for use where needed. Thousands of staff will be focused on making the passenger experience as straightforward as possible.

Manage the unpredictable
Balancing service provision against cost and unexpected consequences is a complex task. It's made more difficult because of the inability to predict accurately how a mass of people will behave from minute to minute - let alone day to day.

Most passengers are channeled as soon as they arrive at the airport - through check-in, security and passport control, for instance. A lot of that is predictable because of timetables that help to manage capacity and flow. But in the detail, much can - and does - go wrong.

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