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October - 2014 - Special issue > Top 5 Most Promising Contact Center Solution Providers

C-Zentrix: Rejuvenating Contact Centres with Next-Gen and Simplified Solution Suite

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Kavitha G.
Contact centres are one of the premier revenue growth engines of India today. But when the realm of contact centres is reaping more strength and revenue, down time cannot be an option. The intensifying need for up-time and high availability has led enterprises to hunt for those solutions which annihilates the bane, while enabling businesses to get a 24/7 support availability and 100 percent uptime. Realizing the same demand, a Gurgaon based contact centre solution provider named C-Zentrix engineered an ideal platform, C-Zentrix Enterprise Cluster which is now a solitary solution for HA with Load Balancing at a very cost effective price point.

C-Zentrix is a flagship product of Towards Vision Technologies Private Limited (TVT) - a leading software product companies providing contact center software and enterprise level software applications for voice and data incorporated in 2002. Unlike other generic contact centers, C-Zentrix provides unique, customized and customer-centric services which exactly succor clients' specific business process requirement, thus optimizing and automating their processes. The company unifies its comprehensive suite of multi-channel interface which cover voice, email, Chat, SMS and Social Media with industry specific CRMs and APIs to deliver brand-new innovations and business value that lasts beyond a few business cycles.

There is a dire need of an ideal customer engagement center by organizations which is not only more advanced in its approach, but are also backed by those capabilities to push out immense data without using any manual methodologies. The centers should also be flexible enough to run on both advanced models like Text To Speech (TTS) & robo call and traditional models of email and SMS. "Such customer engagement centers can be built from the brand-new Cluster solution which we have today in the market. The group of 10-12 commercial servers (Cluster) furnishes an exemplary model where the businesses looking for growth investments can opt for 500 seats and go upto 5000 seats without altering their architecture and operational process," says Victor Alexander, CEO, C-Zentrix. With inbuilt rich analytics, the cluster is also adept to enhance the average over all answering time for a call center. With backup servers that replace the position of faulty servers, the entire cluster can be hosted either at a single data center or across multiple data centers in multiple geographies as a part of a private cloud where the tele-callers and other users can get an access to calls. Besides, the company also offers a complete solutions package such as CRM applications and call solutions across Insurance, e-Commerce, Manufacturing, Travel, Health, Education and on the like industries and also endeavors to provide a 360 degree experience to the end customer.

C-Zentrix considers Automated Systems as the ideal elixir for clearing the common mess that the manual systems leave behind. Concerning this, the company is all set to launch a new platform of integrated cloud based and mobile based contact center solutions which is geared up to create a new milestone in the industry which will mainly support MOM & POP stores to elevate their businesses. With all these, the brand intends to be the pillar of support for enterprises who envisions setting up and managing their personalized customer engagement center at low cost and high efficiency.
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