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ADecTec: Radically Magnifying Profitability through Mathematical Optimization

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Albeit senior management can notice axiomatic symptoms akin to exorbitant operational and supply chain costs, it is humanely impossible for them to manually heal the efficiency leakage to make business processes more profitable. Hence, ADecTec, a platform-based agile operational planning & business analytics company, provides tools to enhance their visibility to clearly understand the problem and aids them to identify potential opportunities and formulate future roadmap much more efficiently using mathematical modelling, predictive analytics, statistical evaluation and optimization techniques, rather than using just experience and gut feeling. For instance, a major consumer products manufacturer needed to ensure whether their product sourcing network would meet service commitments at optimal cost after making a huge capital investment. ADecTec, enabled them to save over an eye-popping $20 million in logistics and transportation costs by optimizing their network and verifying customer service levels with simulation. They also modelled and optimized the product sourcing and inventory structures, thus endowed the manufacturer with the confidence to execute the investment.

There is vast amount of data inside the wall of the company, which is either inaccessible or inexistent to customer's knowledge. Utilizing proprietary business intelligence techniques and enterprise integration methodologies, ADecTec integrates the data structure right from shop floor level and feed it to corporate level to enable senior management to make informed strategic decision to increase productivity. For greater agility, the company breaks the whole operation into smaller pieces to take requirements, build, test and deploy on cloud or traditional infrastructure according to customer's desire and willingness to embrace the infrastructure cost and support.

Customer-Centric Application Development

More often than not, customers fail to mention all their requirements. Hence, ADecTec goes the extra mile to understand customer's business process; thanks to its people with vast experience and profound domain expertise in field service operations and manufacturing supply chain distribution. "Clients must have invested a lot of thought, practice and training into their existing systems, which are aligned with their processes. Hence, we perform diagnostic exercises to unearth the missing pieces in customer's internal tools and augment them with our toolsets to magnify their sustainability. Thereby customers attain a far powerful system within reasonable consulting dollars, instead of spending hefty capital expenditure in purchasing a new system," explains Dr. Ram Pandit, CEO, ADecTec, who has authored several patents on business process planning and holds a Ph.D. in operational research and about quarter century of industry experience.

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