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10kya: Your Passion Discovery Platform

si Team
Monday, January 2, 2017
si Team
It was early October 2012 when Sharad Gupta and Anjali Garg at last selected a technology partner after RFP and due-diligence process from 63 participants to create 10kya, a 360 degree adventure and sports platform. By early December 2012, this company could not create the platform and went out of business. Other shortlisted vendors wanted to start from ground zero and take another 3 months to give them the beta site. Both the founders being non-technical started having second thoughts on going ahead with a business which would always depend upon technology to stay ahead. However, they decided not to accept defeat and instead chose to create the platform themselves. The self reliant approach helped them create a beta site within next 30 days. Their grueling hard work paid off and 10kya came into being.

10kya offers a 360 degree platform for outdoor lovers, where they not only buy/hire outdoor gear or book adventure activities, but they also sell/rent their own pre-owned products to other customers. For instance an outdoor lover in Sydney can sell or give on rent her tent or backpack. Therefore, the business is not bound by international trade boundaries. Known as the leader in outdoor and adventure niche, 10kya does not restrict itself to selling products but offers a 360 degree platform for outdoor lovers where customers become suppliers and vice versa. The platform allows customers to buy specialized gear and clothing, book adventure tours, workshops and activities, rent outdoor and photography goods.

The Uniqueness of 10kya as a Brand

An intriguing brand name and a challenging tag line is what create a curiosity in the customers' minds. Throwing light on, Sharad Gupta, CEO, 10kya speaks, "10kya, called Duskyaor Tenkya, stands for 10 being 'Perfect' and 'Kya' being 'What' which stands for advisory services by our team. We advise outdoor lovers on chat service on the best suited equipment for their expedition. For example, which tent is suited for the altitude and weather of the location where they are going or which lens will be best suited to wildlife or bird photography."

As a 360 degree platform for all kinds of adventure sports on land, air or water, some of the most popular offerings by 10kya includes Camping, Target Sports (Air Rifle and Archery), Cycling, Fishing and Rock-Climbing/Caving. "We are a hybrid marketplace where we directly sell/rent products from our stocks. We have direct dealerships with leading international brands. The most unique feature is, the customers can also list their expertise on hire, products on rentals and pre-owned products on sale," he says.

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