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October-2000  issue
Global Management
I recently interviewed a group of e-business solutions program managers freshly arrived from the UK to work in California. “We know we can do the professional work,” one of them said, “but our success will depend on... more>>
With a postdoctoral degree in biochemistry, multiple publications in several academic journals to her credit and a teaching... more>>
The low-cost PC will not have a keyboard or a large monitor. Instead, it will have a small touch-sensitive screen, on which... more>>
Vinod Khosla is an Indian American billionaire businessman and venture capitalist. He is the founder of Khosla Ventures and the... more>>
When Deepak Bhatt, a 24-year old software engineer from New Delhi, landed at the Frankfurt airport to take up a job in a... more>>
I was born and raised in South Florida. I earned both a bachelors and master’s degree in electrical engineering and... more>>
On August 23, more than 51 million TV viewers watched as a rather arrogant and previously unknown corporate trainer named... more>>
In fact, a consumer was more likely to be yelled at than offered courtesy, admits P.V. Kannan, co-founder of 24/7... more>>
Wall Street and the venture firms may have come down hard on dot-coms, but nobody can deny that the Internet is here to stay.... more>>
If all goes well, “Gene Scan” has the potential to penetrate the niche international market for scientific... more>>
Q: What inspired your move to Silicon Valley? A: I moved here when I moved Patil Systems from Salt Lake City to Silicon... more>>
When Deepak Bhatt, a 24-year old software engineer from New Delhi, landed at the Frankfurt airport to take up a job in a... more>>
The executives of today are highly sophisticated, educated and informed buyers who select advisers from increasingly... more>>
Cover Feature
As his graduate studies came to an end, ONI Systems founder Rohit Sharma got two job offers from Nortel Networks. He... more>>
Therefore, as the next decade unfolds, most of today’s telecommunications network will end up in the scrap heap. In... more>>
So what do visionaries view as the real Internet and communications paradigm for the twenty-first century? They see a rush of... more>>
That’s not really the way it happened in the case of Amber Networks. Founders Prakash Bhalerao and Amar Gupta had been... more>>
Q: Kids in grade school learn about Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and so on. How do you think the work that you and... more>>
VC Talk
Four years ago, Ta-lin Hsu went, saw and … declined to conquer India. His conclusion: opportunities in India were “somewhat... more>>
Career Advice
Furthering my Education I have a B.E (Electronics) with nine years of customer service/sales experience, mainly in... more>>
Career Wize
It would be no exaggeration to state that the 21st century is looking like the era of telecommunications. For most of us, not... more>>
Call for Unity To do any kind of good work in India, be it technology, medicine or any other, is not easy. Determination,... more>>
Traffic on the Internet is growing ten-fold every year. That means, the demand for bandwidth will increase by a thousand... more>>
Legal Advice
There’s a new type of legal tender in the marketplace that is an outgrowth of the new dot-com economy, and it’s... more>>
Sam Pitroda Column
In many ways, it is refreshing to see the rebirth of the entrepreneurial spirit in India, thanks to technology. A new breed... more>>