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Light Leads the Way
Sunday, October 1, 2000

Traffic on the Internet is growing ten-fold every year. That means, the demand for bandwidth will increase by a thousand times at the end of three years. That represents a huge challenge and market opportunity rolled into one.

Everybody agrees that it is light that will lead the way to enable this (r)evolution. But that’s where the consensus ends. It is surprising to see how much controversy and disparate viewpoints exist among companies, industry leaders and observers. Will we have a truly all-optical network? Which among Cisco, Nortel and Lucent will emerge the leader? Or would it be none of these, with a new leader emerging? Or will a group of companies coexist to build the best of breed network? Will the new network actually enhance user-experience or will it just meet the increased demand without a qualitative improvement?

In this issue, we have addressed these and other questions, and provide insights from the people who are working to make this network a reality. It is incredible to watch the passion, excitement, theories and strategies. Read on. . . . the action starts on page 30.

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Yogesh Sharma


Write to: yogesh@corp.siliconindia.com

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