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May-2005  issue
On The Cover
Author: Harish Revanna
NIIT Technologies U.S. headquarters in Atlanta is on a holiday. All the delivery teams, sales troops and marketing folks are jamming in the Stone Mountain Resort to talk business over buffet. Everyone is babbling about... more>>
Harish Revanna
Jai Shekhawat left McKinsey & Company to start his own firm. His friends needled him about leaving a job at the prestigious... more>>
Aniket Kavathekar
In December 1998, Radha Basu started her maiden expedition towards Everest’s Advanced Base camp—an altitude of 5,200 meters... more>>
Sabeer Bhatia
India is ready to take the next step in the software value chain–developing world-class consumer and enterprise products. A... more>>
Ashwini Kachapeswaran
Having nightmares over Verification? Think you will be a grandfather by the time it’s over? Think you will spend your last... more>>
Dr. Deepak B. Phatak
A lot has been written in the recent past on the success stories of Indian entrepreneurship, and rightly so, considering very... more>>
Sunil Singh
There is an interesting effect that is very perceptible, particularly in the insular world of the Silicon Valley called the... more>>
Amit Desai
Excellent customer service continues to be a key business differentiator. The challenge businesses and call centers have... more>>
Subhasis Chatterjee
Ever since BPCL implemented SAP R/3 it’s IT department has changed dramatically. Today IT is not just a service department in... more>>
Aniket Kavathekar
The retail world is observing a change in India with major players in queue for IT solutions. IT helps retailers streamline... more>>
Priya Pradeep
The Scenario China and India’s annual GDP growth rates for 2003 were at 9.1 and 8.5 percent and at 9.5 and 6.9 percent for... more>>
Harish Revanna
Since last summer, Acer India has been upbeat. This can be attributed to the ‘think globally, act locally’ strategy that... more>>
Aniket Kavathekar
History repeats itself and same trends resurface in different forms. If India was known for providing knowledge to the world in... more>>
Navin V. Nagiah
The engineer, salesperson and marketer meet at the office water cooler: Engineer (to marketer): We build. Sales sells. What... more>>
Priya Pradeep
Laser-sharp dreams converge at Chennai and hope to capture India and beyond. That’s CMD, Suresh Kamath’s brainchild – the... more>>
In My View
Dewaine Miller
Entrepreneurs and venture capitalist live or die on product management. Whether it is done well or poorly dictates the success... more>>
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Leadership Style When I began Biocon I saw Biotechnology as a business opportunity, whereas others didn’t even consider it... more>>
People Tracker
si Team
Vikram Gulati named CEO and President of Intelligroup, Inc Vikram Gulati recently took over as the Chief Executive Officer... more>>
si 20 Company Performance
si Team
It’s been a patient journey for Deepak Chopra while navigating optoelectronic devices manufacturer OSI Systems through... more>>
si Team
For well over a decade, Mumbai-based Rolta India has been a leading provider of CAD/CAM/GIS solutions with large orders... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
Memento was founded in October 2003 by entrepreneur BC Krishna, and launched at the prestigious DEMO conference early in 2004.... more>>
si Team
Portable energy storage and power generation product developer, Jadoo Power, has garnered $11 million in its Series B funding.... more>>
Peter Vas
Have you ever heard of a flying ladder? This refers to a ladder of employment discovered in the West which flew East, creating... more>>
In Focus
si Team
With the number of telephone connections in India surpassing 100 million recently, India has become the sixth nation in the... more>>
si Team
The cyber crime police in the western Indian city of Pune arrested 16 people, including a few former call center employees for... more>>
si Team
The Indian share market with more than 5,000 listed companies is becoming an attractive proposition for global mutual funds.... more>>
si Team
Om Prakash Jindal, Power Minister of Haryana and the owner of $1.2 billion Jindal Empire, died in a helicopter crash on March... more>>
si Team
The Indian banking sector seemed a hunting ground for foreign banks, during 2003-04 when non-resident equity in private banks... more>>
si Team
India and the U.S. recently signed an Air Services Agreement that would result in more commercial flights, lower fares and... more>>
si Team
Thums Up, the largest selling carbonated beverage brand in India with annual sales of Rs. 17 billion, is all set to go... more>>
si Team
Growth in the Indian IT sector seems to have percolated to the social sector and proved pivotal in improving its position in... more>>
Editor's Desk
Pradeep Shankar
Since siliconindia’s first issue in August 1997, we have written about every Indians’ journey into the world of... more>>
Last Word
Vanu Bose
Vanu Bose was an American electrical engineer and technology executive. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of... more>>