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India ascends the IT readiness
si Team
Monday, May 2, 2005
Growth in the Indian IT sector seems to have percolated to the social sector and proved pivotal in improving its position in global scales, if the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report is to be considered accurate. India, previously ranked 45th has scaled to 39th in terms of IT readiness.

The report ranks nations on how good they are at exploiting global IT developments and takes into account the following: affordability of Internet access, telephone connection charges, quality of math and science education, government prioritization and procurement of Information Communication Technology (ICT).
The Global Information Technology Report 2004-2005—Efficiency in an Increasingly Connected World—clearly underlines the emergence of a broad consensus about the central role that ICT plays in boosting growth prospects of developed and developing countries.

Asia and the Pacific did extremely well in 2004. Singapore is ranked number one, Hong Kong and Japan entered for the first time in the top ten and China climbed up to 45 from last year’s 51. In contrast, the U.S. drops to number five in the ranking, following a three year reign at the top. However, the loss in rank is less due to actual erosion in performance with respect to its past history and more to do with continuing improvements by its competitors.

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