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January-2000  issue
Global Management
How people’s cultural backgrounds play themselves out is obvious in some ways and quite subtle in others. Appearance, names, language, accents, artifacts and shared worlds of reference are visible at once. Intangibles, however... more>>
Cover Feature
When will the mobile phone stop being a tool for incidental communication, and start being your number-one source for time... more>>
Silicon Valley based everypath.com makes selected sections of any Web site’s content accessible through a plethora of... more>>
Peering into the crystal ball reveals that wireless technology will someday allow people to instantaneously interact with a... more>>
If Dockers galvanized Levi’s jeans into a multi-billion dollar global business, then the folks at Motorola creating... more>>
The rapid growth of technology in the era of the Digital Revolution has brought in the convergence of computers, telecom,... more>>
A merger with a total market value of $11.2 billion is a charged thunderbolt waiting to unleash itself on the... more>>
The surge of entrepreneurism in this decade has spawned the era of venture capitalism like never before. Venture capital is... more>>
“It’s spooky!” declared Lesley Stahl on CBS’s 60 Minutes, after being explained the how cookies work.... more>>
The man stops you mid-step and asks for your grocery list. And he’s going to charge you an additional 1 percent... more>>
The main demands of the tens of thousands of protesters at the third WTO Ministerial Conference, or the so-called... more>>
I was born in Gwalior, the only brother to four sisters. My father was keen that I become a doctor but I had no interest in... more>>
The words of Professor Mark Horowitz still ring in my ears, quoting the top ten reasons why Stanford is a cool place to be... more>>
First-generation e-commerce is a money pit. Early efforts have focused on building nice Web sites and attracting traffic.... more>>
Long years ago, programmers made a tryst with the New Millennium, And now the time comes when they shall redeem their... more>>
1. Worldwide wireless telephone 2. Worldwide color photo instant transfer 3. Extinct wild animals 4. Green Sahara... more>>
To remain competitive, companies are increasingly turning to Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) — that is,... more>>
Career Advice
Does Creativity Count? I have a Bachelors degree from India. All I have is experience in the airline Industry as I worked... more>>
Legal Advice
Consider this scenario: I order a pair of Air Jordans from Nike while visiting family in New Delhi, India. I want the shoes... more>>
What has contributed to the phenomenal success of Asian Indians around the world in the last two decades of the century... more>>
On receiving my latest copy of siliconindia, I was immediately struck by your large-type comment on the cover page: "IT'S... more>>
Sam Pitroda Column
Satyan Pitroda is popularly known as Sam Pitroda. He is an internationally respected telecom inventor, development thinker,... more>>