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Japanese Predictions
Saturday, January 1, 2000

1. Worldwide wireless telephone

2. Worldwide color photo instant transfer

3. Extinct wild animals

4. Green Sahara

5. Rise of Japan, China and Africa

6. Global travel for everyone - round the world in less than 7 days

7. Warship in the air

8. Extermination of flies and fleas

9. Air conditioner

10. Cultivation by electricity of tropical plants

11. Advanced voice transmitter

12. Picture telephone

13. Shopping by picture telephone

14. Electricity as fuel

15. Train travel between Tokyo and Kobe in less than 2.5 hours

16. Rubber tire trains in the air and under the ground

17. Worldwide railroad network

18. Natural disaster control

19. Everybody taller than 6 feet

20. Electric needle medical treatment without pain

21. Automobiles without horses

22. Animal language literacy

23. Advanced education

24. Countrywide electricity distribution

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