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July-2009 issue
Cover Story
Author: Saheer Karimbayil
The technology bellwethers of tomorrow are gearing up to check on all the hurdles that usually force most of the startups to nip their ideas in the bud. more>>


Yogesh Devi
Cloud computing is at he leading edge of its hype curve. On the other hand, Service oriented architecture (SOA) hype is subsiding. more>>
Mike McNamara
The data center has become the heart and soul of a company. It is very necessary to protect the data centers specially when in... more>>
Srikanth Seshadri
ESB is mainly used as silver bullet to clean up the enterprise integration spaghetti more>>
Shailesh Goswami
To get success in a software project, Software requirements analysis is critical. more>>
Shaju Nair
Social Networking websites have increased recently and so has opportunity to leverage a customer’s network to influence... more>>
Anurag Goel
The Enterprise Wireless Space is undergoing a similar evolution where some technologies are being shoehorned into spaces where... more>>

Guru Talk

Bharat Goenka
The article encloses that businesses should focus on 'fulfilment of orders'. more>>

Company Spotlight

Jayakishore Bayadi
Liqvid is all set to liquidize english learning, while meeting the global standards. more>>


Benny Thomas
Startup city event looked like a mini Silicon Valley with over 80 startups, 5,000 tech enthusiasts, and 40 investors... more>>

VC talk

Ritesh Banglani
Most analysts are predicting that the internet boom is going to continue in India. Ritesh Banglani in this article talks about... more>>

Tech Tracker

Eureka Bharali
The aeronautic maestros are no more the only space-meddlers, rather the students have begun boarding on their ideas like... more>>
Eureka Bharali
In its aspiration to be a leader in the search engine market, software giant Microsoft has embarked on a new search engine... more>>
Eureka Bharali
The standardization of the vendor neutral language HTML5, a revised version of the World Wide Web’s HTML, will delimit Rich... more>>
Eureka Bharali
Plug-less mobile charging without power will soon be a reality. more>>


Jayakishore Bayadi
The wireless technology is plays a vital part in a company's business process. Mobien Technologies strives to carve a niche for... more>>

People Manager

C. Mahalingam
Communicating without connecting amounts to merely sharing information. How well and how often one communicates hence becomes... more>>

Tech Product

ST Team
Nokia will soon launch N97, a touch phone to compete with Iphone and other companies in touch phone market. more>>
ST Team
Fujifilm has launched FinePix F200EXR to give viewers option to click high definition images upto 12 mega pixels more>>
ST Team
MacSpeech has unveiled MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 which gives an accuracy of 90 percent and works with softwares like Adobe... more>>
ST Team
Acer’s new sleek and light Timeline provides battery backup upto eight hours which is a feature much sought after by busy... more>>

Woman Achiever

Zoya Anna Thomas
There are very few women who dare to venture into the semiconductor field. Padmini Sampath however, left no stone unturned to... more>>

Movers and Shakers

si Team
Manish Soman is appointed as Vice President and Chief of Operations of Patni Computers more>>
si Team
K.Ramakrishnan is the new Country Manager- Marketing at Lenovo India more>>
si Team
N Venkatraman is the newly appointed Head-Strategic Finance and Risk Management at Sonata Software more>>
si Team
Sharad Sharma is the new Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) in Canaan Partners more>>
si Team
CP Gurnani is appointed as CEO of Mahindra Satyam more>>

Tech Buzz

Saheer Karimbayil
Virtual outsourcing is the next big thing, given the increasing need to cut costs. 8KMiles is a player providing this solution. more>>
Saheer Karimbayil
The BPO sector is going through a lot of transformation. IT solutions provider 3i Infotech has set up 31 BPOs in a bid to... more>>
Saheer Karimbayil
The credit crunch has resulted in budget cutting by various sectors. The Gartner survey reveals the affect of recession on the... more>>

Engineer's Diaries

Saheer Karimbayil
Gopinath K is a Software Test Engineer for 5 years and 1 Month more>>
Saheer Karimbayil
Leena Meenakshy W V is a Software Engineer with SPAN Infotech India more>>
Saheer Karimbayil
Yogesh P is a Senior Software Engineer with Wipro Technologies from past 3 years and 5 months. more>>

Last Word

Krishnan Ganesh
The article reflects the trend of entrepreneurship, which is in fashion now. more>>

In Focus

ST Team
VCs perceive that Internet companies have not set up proper business models and the traffic is too low to spawn healthy revenue. more>>
ST Team
The article wobbles about the presentation skills of the Indian entrepreneur, though they are equipped with an innovative... more>>
ST Team
Scientists getting more inclined towards the Defense jobs associated with better pay packages. more>>
ST Team
The death of Rajeev Motwani is a loss to the computer science world, where he had contributed immensely to researches in... more>>
ST Team
The article projects about the broadband connectivity reaching the rural areas of the country. more>>
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