August-2016 issue
Cover Story
Author: Anamika Sahu
Since its inception in 1986, Sutherland Global Services, one of the world's largest privately owned BPO companies,has remained focused on helping its clients maximize their customer lifetime value. more>>

In My Opinion

Xavier Prabhu, Founder & CEO, PRHUB
Content marketing and PR are twins bound by the umbilical cord at birth, and together, they make for a potent weapon in the... more>>

Most Promising Marketing Companies - 2016

si Team
Over the years, the demand generation rivalry has revamped in such a way that the laps are fixed by the percentage of... more>>

Top 5 Creative Agencies - 2016

si Team
Witnessing massive internet proliferation, India today is chanting the SoLoMo (Social-Local-Mobile) mantra. Businesses that... more>>

Top 10 Demand Generation Companies - 2016

si Team
"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell," said Seth Godin, the American author,... more>>
si Team
Most companies face the challenge, wherein their sales team spends too much time on generating leads rather than closing them.... more>>

Top 10 Full Service Advertising Agencies - 2016

si Team
The hypercompetitive digital arena is fraught with agencies that promise to grab people by ears, yell at them through a... more>>
si Team
As digital advertisement spends are expected to cross Rs.255 billion in 2020, it is clear as crystal that digital is the future. more>>

Top 10 Market Research Companies - 2016

si Team
Coca-Cola strived to launch a sweeter version of their beverage when Pepsi emerged as their competitor in 1980s. But the public... more>>
si Team
As IoT infiltrates more and more consumer products and retail spaces, 'Nice to have' customer satisfaction tracking studies and... more>>

Top 5 Mobile Media Marketing Companies - 2016

si Team
Outsourcing or a managed service has never been a safer bet in the process of programmatic advertising. This has, in turn, led... more>>

Top 10 PR Agencies - 2016

si Team
In July last year, print and electronic media were vying for a byte from NIIT, hailing the skilling initiatives of the... more>>
si Team
Today, communication and its effectiveness can be achieved only through a strong understanding of the rapid movement and... more>>
si Team
The blurred line between PR's traditional and digital avatar has not only propelled companies (of all sizes) to jump into its... more>>
si Team
The public relations service is not about building solutions and finding bugs, it is just about being 'consistent'. The... more>>

Top 20 Digital Marketing Companies - 2016

si Team
Perturbed between what de facto social media is for, companies look to get more sales from the platform rather than branding;... more>>
si Team
BrandStory, a digital transformation company, is enabling brands to engage with their audience on the digital medium since... more>>
si Team
It is mostly a day dream for startups to break-even as early as three years of its inception. But The Cookie, a pride digital... more>>
si Team
Several companies are hi-jacked by disguised digital marketers on the name of digital transformation. What is offered to them... more>>

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies - 2016

si Team
Hypothetically speaking, we live in a noisy digital marketing era, where marketers tend to outshout each other in a bid to ace... more>>

Great Place to Work for - 2016

Susila Govindaraj
The business-IT landscape is increasingly getting disrupted due to onslaught of cloud, data science, AI, and IOT adoptions on... more>>

CXO Insights

Veetika Deoras, Head - Brand Marketing & Corporate Communication, Tata Capital
Industry disruption has always withheld under itself great threats and greater opportunities. And while disruption is not a new... more>>
Siddharth Arora, Founder, ePaisa
Cloud computing, can result in many changes for small businesses. Although in India many small business owners might be... more>>
Eric Braganza, President, Haier - India
We can safely say that the entire Indian sub-continent is undergoing through a mass transformation of sorts, and internet and... more>>

CIO Insights

Mandar Marulkar, CIO, KPIT Technologies
Imagine an app which would allow you to check the food menu in your office cafeteria,use the e-wallet and even give... more>>

CEO Insights

Tamaal Roy, CEO, Biomatiques Identification Solutions
In today's times, hacking systems or breaking security codes has become quite easy. With the right tools, anyone can fake an... more>>
Monica Malhotra Kandhari, MD, MBD Group
The education sector in India as a whole, and the e-learning sector continue to be on a growth trajectory. This is unlikely to... more>>
Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder & CEO, Pi DATACENTERS
Crisis brings out the rigor and strength of a leader. Adversities are known to bring out a leader from the crowd or the best in... more>>
Girish Rowjee, Co-Founder & CEO, Greytip Software
Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), designated by an upper limit of 250 employees, have their unique characterization when it... more>>
Rajeev Banerjee, Co-Founder & CEO, Right Tap
Customer care is mostly regarded as an 'after sales' function for businesses that are aimed at providing seamless user... more>>
Amitabh Sinha, Co-Founder & CEO, Workspot
Companies and founders start with an idea that idea gets mulled over and thoughts evolve. Over the first few quarters, they... more>>


Anamika Sahu
Brands do not die a normal death. Neither a company becomes a reputed brand overnight. It is the work of cohesion and patience... more>>
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