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The Global Associates: Delivering Profitable Leads with Utmost Transparency

si Team
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
si Team
Most companies face the challenge, wherein their sales team spends too much time on generating leads rather than closing them. The Global Associates, a global B2B demand generation company, has the perfect solution for their needs. As an example, The Global Associates has been delivering 15-20 qualified appointments per month with C-Level executives belonging to Fortune 1000 companies in U.S. & Canada for one of its client - a renowned U.S.-based Analytics & Big Data company. What is even more impressive is that, every lead provided by this Hyderabad-based company ends up as an actionable prospect and not just a branding or marketing exercise. "Each lead we provide to our clients is action/sales-oriented. We don't just create a brand name, but we actually convert the leads into a meeting, wherein the client's sales team can go forward and speak to the decision-makers and influencers," expounds Charul Khanna, COO, The Global Associates (TGA).

This is probably why this five years' young company has a loyal set of clients, some of whom have been with TGA since its inception in 2011. TGA believes in quality and works on about 20-25 campaigns across different geographies, at any given point of time, catering primarily to the Indian and U.S. markets. With sheer focus on being a part of the complex sales cycle of B2B enterprises, this industry-agnostic company lays immense emphasis on understanding client's target markets (in terms of market, geography, domain and the size of the companies' clients are targeting) and follows a specific set of processes for each client to achieve better results.

Low-Risk & Efficient Models

With Dedicated-Team Model, TGA endows clients with a sincere inside sales team that reduces its clients' total cost and permits the associates to integrate seamlessly with client's team. This helps them accelerate the knowledge building process, making associates efficient and build a sales pipeline, thus gives them more predictability to their business aspects. TGA's 'Pay-Per-Lead' is a low-risk model, where the clients pay only for the appointments and leads delivered to them. TGA also offers a hybrid model - a combination of fixed and variable fee.

The company closely monitors the activity level and quality to generate consistent number of sales qualified leads for all its clients. Besides access to real time reports and weekly dashboards, TGA also dedicates an account manager to every client, for effective execution of the campaign.

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