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Think Ink Communications: Redefining Media Relations with a Touch of Innovation

si Team
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
si Team
The blurred line between PR's traditional and digital avatar has not only propelled companies (of all sizes) to jump into its bandwagon en masse, but also has empowered PR experts to master different platforms so as to suit the varied needs. But unfortunately, what the businesses still yearn for is the consistent visibility among the press. How should one achieve that? "Invest in relations with media; it's a business of relations after all," affirms Radhika Nihalani, Co-Founder & CEO, Think Ink Communications - a dynamic PR firm and a preferred communication partner in media, entertainment and lifestyle realm.

However, as a task that is easier said than done, the whole process asks for an adept partner who would help businesses to strategize, implement and devise a sustained relation. Co-founded by Radhika & Chirag Nihalani, Think Ink has been a perfect example for such partner. "Apart from sharing high impact PR ideas that garner visibility and add value to their business, we guide our clients to meet the relevant media, develop a rapport and comfort, understand their needs, and give them information on a regular basis; all these, regardless of it turning into a story - it's critical to do when you are building a relation," explains Radhika.

When Innovation Dominates the Strategy

With a deep understanding of the media criticalities, Think Ink does not believe in one-strategy-fits-all mantra, rather it builds different strategies as per business nature, mandates, and immediate & long-term goals. However, while many of the agencies excel in providing the same array of services - which cover media relations, content writing, image management and crisis communications - as Think Ink, what really set the company apart are its domain expertise, teams of passionate craftsmen and their flair for ideation. In fact, each endeavor reflects Think Ink's passion to leverage the best, implementable and innovative PR solutions, which strive towards creating conversations. "A crew of a film approached us with the quest of conversations and a larger appeal; one that moves it beyond the 'kids' purview. Thus, we devised a fun celeb engagement activity and instituted 'Angries' award that rewarded celebrities who are angry for a good cause," quotes Radhika. While the event witnessed the participation of well-known personalities of entertainment industry like Sonakshi Sinha, Neha Dhupia amongst others, and extensive national media coverage, the film got voted as one of the best marketed films of 2016 summer. Such is the eminence of Think Ink. In addition, it is also marked distinctively with its empowering work culture. Encouraging ownership, the company maintains a fun, respectful and easy going yet passionate work ambience, which in turn propels the employees to proffer their best.

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