This Monsoon "Never Miss Out" on TaskTrek

By Loginworks Softwares

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Loginworks Softwares, an ingenious software development company, positions TaskTrek as the most-sought-after solution for communication management in its upcoming campaign “Never Miss out” starting mid-July. The campaign aims to highlight the need and importance for communication management, new communications-led features of TaskTrek to bring out effectiveness of better communications in any professional set up.

Never miss out on information that you need the most but many a times we do; it could be lost in our emails. ‘Never miss out’ campaign is about staying tuned on your communication always and finding all that you need on a single platform.

Marking this occasion, Mr. Dheeraj Juneja, Founder & CEO, Loginworks Softwares, commented, “In light of this campaign, we are also happy to announce the launch of three significant reports in TaskTrek that will make communications far more powerful, decision making easier and, always ensure that you never miss out. The first report will be out in mid-July and the consequent reports are slated for launch next month.”

  • A report that will bring to light, all messages the user has received and read but not replied to. The purpose of this report is to de-clutter the inbox and only make available information you need, so that you don’t miss out on replying to any important mails that you may have missed. This report will mark the launch of Never Miss Out campaign.
  • Likewise, another report will be launched in due course of the campaign. This report will highlight all the messages that you have sent but did not get a response to. With this report, one can easily track status on messages sent. A feature that is most useful in case of business pitches invitations or any mass information dissemination.
  • The last leg of this campaign will focus on the manager managing team. Wherein, the manager can view both the above reports for his/her team members.

Better communication management using TaskTrek, with already existing communications-led features:

  • Convert emails into leads, opportunities or jobs using the webmail integration feature in TaskTrek.
  • Seamless communication flow in form of messages, discussions & updates
  • Advance filters & custom view to get only what you want to see

TaskTrek was launched mid 2010, as an internal communication solution. Today, it is an all-comprehensive communication & information management system, modeled around the everyday tasks that you do. TaskTrek intuitively and seamlessly integrates how you access, share and manage information online.

Never Miss Out campaign will be promoted using online marketing, PR and social media.

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