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Loginworks Softwares is an indigenous IT Softwares and Solutions company in India, established in 2006 by Mr. Dheeraj Juneja, CEO and Founder. Headquartered in Ghaziabad, Delhi (NCR) the company has a strong representation of 12 member team. Cutting geographies and across sectors, the company provides end-to-end IT solutions to its clients. Its broad range of services includes: Data mining, convert website to mobile sites, software development, product management, to name a few.
The company has engineered two smart products – TaskTrek & PocketSQLMan.

Please define the market landscape that you cater to:

We have clients globally and across sectors who come to us with their IT requirements. Having said that, we have made our presence formally in India in 2010 with the launch of our flagship brand TaskTrek. Last one year, has been quite interesting and challenging for us to serve in our own market. Clients have trusted us for our result oriented approach and competitive pricing.

What are you Product/ Solution offerings & Value Proposition to clients?

Loginworks Softwares offers services like data Mining, software development, mobile websites their as core services. The company has engineered two smart products – TaskTrek and Pocket SQLMan.
TaskTrek, is our flagship product, a solution for managing communications modeled around tasks, documents and team. This product is targeted to both single and corporate users who use e-mails for work related communications & management.
We help our clients to expand the reach of their business through our robust mobile web presence and keep up with the pace of mobile web technology; Developing efficient, cost effective and quality web / mobile / desktop applications customized for their business needs. Providing web scraping & web data extraction service to help our clients generate sales leads, collect relevant information from web, news articles and more.
Loginworks Softwares makes business communication easier, reliable and available at all times through its innovative software products.

What are the differentiating points of your product/ solution/ services against that of the competition?

In all our client projects, we are able to start work on the projects immediately from the time they are outsourced to us with detailed out project requirements. Our team is available on Skype/IM systems almost throughout, “You will never feel that we are sitting miles away from you”, is something our clients have felt working with us and we hope to keep it this way.

Can you provide examples of your clients and how they have benefitted from your offerings?

Sure. Some projects that we did for our clients to help them in what they do best.

  1. MySeniorCenter, a senior center management application done in classic asp. We have added a substantial number of features in this application and fixed a number of existing bugs. For more than 18 months now, we have been working for Xavus solutions (the company behind MySeniorCenter)
  2. Net based pocket pc applications for PneuLogic, a UK based company.
  3. Association with sports client 'Antwerprace.be' - We developed a series of software tools to assist our client with the following:
  • Managing registration status through automated system
  • Guarding registration database
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Online shopping
  • Newletter subscription online
  • User control access provided to edit content on website
  • Website revamp in terms of look and feel
  • New features added on client request / needs
  1. Data mining service for Marketing Map (Belgium) and other independent clients.We has been engaged in the data mining service for a long time now, and mostly our clients belong to the online retail and real estate businesses, where we provide them with reports on a regular basis and they can access it live when they wish using our customized software.

We have been getting repeat business from our clients and I think, that is the biggest testimony to our efficiency and dedication at work.

In the segment that you address, what are some of the trends you see in the market landscape and how are your offerings geared towards addressing those trends?

In the last few years, the number of companies in the segment have only grown and made it more challenging. More opportunities and room for experimentation with enterprises moving their businesses online, advent of social media and young Turks. In a way it is good, as the demand is increasing but the quality of work is getting hit due to large number of players vying for business.
Standing strong by our values, Loginworks continues its promise to deliver quality standards at a pricing that is reasonable and justified. We are not getting swayed or whimsical to win business. We are here to stay.
We are growing our teams and outsourcing more resources on projects that need attention and quick closures to stay abreast on client business need.
We are still fairly new in our own market and feel there is a need for us to market our services here. So, efforts are being made to engage with potential clients through focused marketing initiatives. ET Now had featured us recently for our latest Indian offering ‘TaskTrek’.

Can you describe Competition? How intense is it and how uniquely you are positioned?

There are a large number of IT companies today providing more or less same services as ours, and there is competition. We hope to shine out with our cutting-edge technology solution to communication management called TaskTrek.
TaskTrek, our flagship brand, is home-grown communication management software in India for managing communications modeled around e-mails, tasks, documents and team. It is a very promising solution for both single e-mail users and corporate users to manage their day-to-day communication led challenges. With the information overload hounding us these days we feel, we need to cut the clutter and we feel that filtering e-mails into not just folders but task oriented folders for managing work is how TaskTrek will combat such issues.
We have established business relations with companies abroad and doing business with them on a continuous basis but yet we still have to make a mark here, in our own country. It will certainly not be easy to compete for big accounts but we are confident in our strategy, our approach and delivery.

Can you elaborate on your Organizational Culture, Employee programs, Innovations etc?

Loginworks work culture is not straight jacket with rules, policies and strict codes of conduct but yet very disciplined, informal and driven by some basic values that bind people together, bring in team integrity, and passion for work. People working here trust each other; support each other and stand by each other especially during crisis situations.

  1. A lot of emphasis is given to self-learning, research and developing understanding through team work. Days are dedicated for technical training sessions. A dedicated storage called Knowledge Bank is used in-house for knowledge sharing purpose.
  2. Team motivation, participation and group effort is geared through interpersonal sessions in office, parties and offsites, and cricket@Loginworks.
  3. Corporate blogs are also a meeting ground for team at Loginworks to share knowledge and get rewarded for it
  4. Company looks into technology and needs of their employees to make working comfortable and paying for both team and clients.
  5. We make our people feel special on occasions that mean to them; celebrating birthdays, festivals and achievements.

What are your Growth Plans?

We plan to grow with increasing clientele for TaskTrek in India in the coming years. The ground has been set and now we will soon be opening avenues for TaskTrek registration and marketing online.
Our growth is also headed in the same direction as e-commerce in India. We plan to launch new IT services that have great potential and use for e-businesses and other corporate players.

What are your Go-to-market Plans/ Global Strategy?

All our marketing and sales strategies are very much targeted to the online community and finding a place there. Right from creating awareness, to making noise about what we do, promotions and to engage, get leads, make conversions, get feedback and strike valuable partnerships; takes place online.  Online is an extremely important medium for us to go-to-market and we will continue to use.
On top of our global strategy is to be seen as specialists in the services we offer globally. Our efforts to stay on top using search engine marketing and digital media is the most sought activity.
We do have plans to take TaskTrek worldwide after it gains recognition in India.

Current Status: No. of Employees, Revenue, Investors, Investment opportunity

Loginworks Softwares has a team of 15 in-house and 5 outsourced resources for marketing, design and content. We have no investors backing our business.  The business was self-funded by the founder himself and with time, our sheer hard work that we have managed to sustain well and be profitable.
We have been able to expand our portfolio by funding our own self developed innovation ‘TaskTrek’, which we feel is very attractive and promising for investors.

Road Ahead: What are the challenges you foresee and how is the company geared to address those challenges?

Getting talented resources has always been a challenge. We feel it is of utmost importance to strike partnerships in taking business to a larger network and getting valuable partnerships is not easy. Managing online traffic for TaskTrek in the coming times is something we foresee and making necessary arrangements to address any crisis situations for the benefit of our users.

Dheeraj Juneja

There have been challenging times and we have sailed through them with perseverance, taking critical decisions for better prospects. Biggest has been to consciously put a stop to new projects from coming during initial development years of TaskTrek to maintain excellence in the work undertaken.

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TaskTrek is a solution for managing communications modeled around tasks, documents and team. It aims to bring in better accountability at work, seamless communication and organized data. TaskTrek was launched with an idea to counter basic...