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TaskTrek is a solution for managing communications modeled around tasks, documents and team. It aims to bring in better accountability at work, seamless communication and organized data. TaskTrek was launched with an idea to counter basic communication led challenges at work like overload of information, e-mail clutter, loss of information to name a few. Problems like you forget to CC people, threads go on forever, and things get lost.You can access it on mobile or web or desktopIt works as an online collaboration tool for your team[To help you delegate work to your team in seconds]E-mail integration to help you de-clutter your inbox[Access, reply and convert e-mails into productive tasks, projects and leads]It works great for personal tasks and projects too.It is insanely fast and easy to useIts safe, secure, and always synced up.For more information or a free trial, log in to www.tasktrek.in or write to us at preeti.juneja@loginworks.com.

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