AXIND Software

AXIND was launched in 2004 by Sanjoy Sahgal with the purpose of providing software solutions for the Fashion and lifestyle industries. Over the last 8 years the company has leveraged the latest technologies to build software that is now in use in 19 countries by hundreds of users.

AXIND focuses on the fashion and lifestyle industries which include apparel/clothing, textiles, footwear, jewellery, hard-goods, accessories, handicrafts, optical wear, leather and home furnishings.

The solutions which the company offer to there clients are:

1) ChainReaction PLM+ - The web-based product lifecycle management solution is quickly building a name for itself in Europe.  The solution can be delivered stand-alone or via SaaS (software as a service). It is product planning, design and sourcing all in one easy to use and comprehensive package.

2) ChainReaction SELL – The multi-channel web-based sales solution allows the clients to manage Retail POS, Wholesale and E-commerce businesses from one central location. Real-time sales information, central catalogue management, order processing and inventory management gives better control across all sales channels.

3) MockShop – Is the market leader in 3D Visual Merchandising software. It creates complete stores, places fixtures and virtually places products on shelves. The system generates crystal clear shop floor layout planograms at the click of a button.

The focus of company on fashion industry has resulted in solutions that speak the language of the industry making them easy to both understand and use by its customers. Its products can all be used independently or be seamlessly integrated giving customers one window to manage their businesses.

Trends in the Market

1. PLM (Product Lifecycle Management):

a) The “web” is becoming more and more crucial – AXIND’s software is totally web-based.

b) The functionality of PLM software is expanding – that is why the company refers to software product as “PLM+” as they include other functionality as well.

2. Retail:

a) “Multi-channel” is the key because each and every retailer today is in the process of simultaneously using all sales channels – AXIND’s software already provides this.

There are a number of companies out there with software that caters to multiple industries.  These are very large and established organizations that focus on selling to the top end of the market. AXIND chooses to focus on the SME market with solutions built specifically for fashion and lifestyle. Focusing on one industry also enables them to develop faster based on the requirements of the market and their clients.

Organizational Culture

AXIND has strived to keep a structure as flat as possible to enable faster exchange of ideas and allow management to have a better understanding of employees and their work. The employees are all encouraged to share their opinions directly with the management and in doing so contribute directly to the development of the organization and the software they create.

Growth Plans

Developing a strategic partner network has been one of the keys to their success. The next step is to expand footprint through the identification of partners specifically in the UK and US.

From very early on AXIND decided to stick to their strengths which are in the design and development of software. A majority of the sales are done through sales and implementation partners in Europe and Asia. This allows them to have a local presence in the major markets without stretching too thin.

In the next few years the challenge is to establish AXIND as a market leader is the fashion and lifestyle industry. The key to be able to achieve this is through understanding market requirements and allowing them to guide AXIND’s development. The company work very closely with their partners and customers to try and anticipate new developments and ensure that the solutions are constantly evolving in their functionality and scope.

Sanjoy Sahgal

I believe if a person is reasonable bright and has a desire to learn, they can get anywhere. The “desire” is the key. We typically train fresher’s instead of hiring experienced people.

Management Team