ESurveying Softech

ESurveying Softech

ESurveying Softech (India) Private Limited is a company focused on Developing Software Solution to Civil Survey Engineering. We have developed Solution for Preparation of Drawings related to Road Design, Road Widening, Railway Line Design, Irrigation Canal, Pipeline, Earthwork, Tank De-silting, Dam Construction, Bund Construction, Mining, Urban Planning, Mapping.

Market Landscape

Our solutions are used by

  • Civil Survey Engineers
  • Infrastructure Companies
  • Civil Consultants working in Infrastructure Projects
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Government Departments – Road, Railways, Irrigation

Offerings & Value Proposition

We have developed products, which helps companies to save lot of time in preparing accurate drawings and preparing related area and volume calculation reports.

By saving around 30 – 40% of time in preparing drawing and reports, Our Clients are saving lot of money and also they are able to give results to their end customers well in time.

How are We Different from Competition

In terms of results – We are not very different when compared to competition.

  • Good Product Design: Our products have been designed with extensive research so that it takes minimum time to understand and use
  • Good Support: We have good support team in place
  • Good Documentation: All our product features are well documented along with respective videos, which will help customer to understand this software’s easily


For Survey Engineering Firms, Solution given by us drives their organization. Apart from CAD and Excel, they will be using our software’s for producing drawings and Reports.

Some Survey Engineering Firms – Pentagon Surveys, CADEN, Dhanush Engineering Surveys.

For Consultants and Infra Companies – Our solution is a small part of big assignment they have. Some Infra Structure Companies – NCC, L & T, Shoba Developers

Some Govt. Organization – Water Resources Dept, Orissa

Trends in the Addressed Market Landscape

Rapid pace of technology change is contributing to Survey Engineering, as it is true with most of other Engineering Fields. There is Change in instruments used by Surveyors. Earlier they were using Auto Levels. Now they are using Total Station and DGPS. Laser Sanners are latest instruments in this field.

Google Earth Software is a recent trend and surveyors use them a lot now and  came out with Solution to Related CAD and Google Earth recently and was a very good Success.

Presenting end results was on Papers, which is now slowly shifting towards presentation in 3D, we are incorporating such features in our software.

Porting application from Desktop Version to Software as Solution Modal is hot in Market and we are also planning to come out with Web based solution which will help our customers to produce drawings from any device.

Intensity of Competition

We have made a detailed study of our competition. We have around 90 Companies all over the world that is giving similar solutions. There are many Small timers and there are some fortune 500 companies too providing solution to same requirement.

We have become India’s most preferred Surveying Software Development Company. Competition is very stiff at the top as they have made lot of research and investment.

All customers cannot afford to buy high-end solution and that is where we are focusing.

Organizational Culture

There is nothing unique in Organizational Culture. Since we are a mid size company – We are very transparent Organization. There are only 2 Levels – Management and Staff and the gap between these 2 Levels is not big. Employee Suggestions are well respected and if it cannot be implemented, valid reason is given which will motivate them to suggest improvements in all the stages of company’s growth.

Growth Plans

We have made strong presence in India with Last 3-year efforts of Marketing. In next 2 years we wish to expand our international presence. We have around 20 Customers from around 7 different countries as of now. We are working towards having customers from more then 65 Countries with considerable increase in revenues from export.

Global Strategy

We are now equipped with Latest Technology Tools to reduce our time from Inquiry to Conversion. Our working hours are as per Indian working times and we want to make our selves available 24 / 7 so that foreign customers also can access support any time.

Bring up web based solution so that conversion becomes easy and with out deployment hazels, customers can use the solution any time any where from any web enabled device.

Current Status of Company

  • No. of Employees – 15
  • Revenue (2011-12) – Rs 1,10,00,000
  • Investors – None
  • Investment opportunity - None

Road Ahead / Challenges

One and Only Challenge that we have to solve now is it Convert inquires into Sales. We have around 200 inquiries / month among which we are converting 20 of them. We wish to reach a healthy conversion of 50 Customers / Month.

Kota Krishna Kamath

Kotaa Krishna Kamath, Managing Director, ESurveying Softech (India) Pvt. Ltd. has more than 16 years of experience software product development for domestic and international market. He has architected many products in the area of Office Automation, Taxation and Survey engineering domains. Indias Highest selling Payroll product Saral PayPack and TDS Package Saral TDS were initially developed...

Management Team