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Company of the Year - 2019
The fact which is well known to everyone in today’s business world is that, over a period of time, the Middle East (ME) region has become the most rapidly growing business hub in the world. With its incredible potential, the region has turned itself from just desert countries to a base of resources. ME is offering high-quality facilities to businesses along with the favourable environment. It is not just the Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals industry that is surging in the region, but all other industries like the Banking & Finance, IT, and Electronics & Communication, along with various other...Read More
10 Most Promising Cybersecurity Solutions Providers - 2019
The cyberattacks and threats have been on a constant rise in the Middle East during the recent times. According to DarkMatter, a cybersecurity firm in the UAE, the Middle East region and UAE has witnessed a growing number of cyberattacks from last October to March, 2019. What was more shocking is that most of these attacks were targeted on the oil & gas, telecommunication, government, and other critical infrastructure sectors. In fact, the oil & gas industry was the prime target despite holding highest importance in the overall economy of Middle East and UAE. Clearly, data breaches & leaks,...Read More
10 Most Promising Property Management Services in the Middle East – 2019
The real estate sector is considered to be one of the most recognized sectors globally. However, in the last few years, the sector has witnessed a booming growth in relation to the property management service sector in the Middle East region. Nowadays, property investors are viewing their assets as long-term wealth and are choosing property managers to ensure the management of their investments. Also, they have realized that hiring someone to take care of the property is important especially during the owner’s absence. Foreseeing the opportunity, many property management service providers have ushered...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Business Service Providers – 2019
World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2019 report records the UAE’s huge jump to rank 11 from 21 for demonstrating improvements in court efficiency and quality of decisions, inviting business moguls from across the globe for business incorporation. Opening door to new opportunities are the UAE’s free zones that offers company formation and expansion expediency with single window administration and 100 percent ownership to expatriates. While being an asset for offshore entrepreneurs, these business opportunities are poised to support the region’s burgeoning ecosystem.  ...Read More
10 Most Promising Middle East Financial Consultants - 2019
A recent global report enunciates that even after robust push for advancement of financial inclusion globally, nearly 1.7 billion of the world’s global working population still lacks access to formal financial services and hosting 50 percent of this population is the MEASA region. Triggered by this slow improvement in its financial sector, the Middle East countries is facilitating digitally enabled development and carving a lucrative leeway for enhanced and improved financial services. In a nutshell, there is s dire need of financial consultants and advisors who demonstrates excellent skills, knowledge,...Read More