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Top Cloud Application Companies 2016
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Top 5 Cloud Application Companies in India?
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The cloud services market in India continues to rapidly grow, as cloud spending is anticipated to reach almost $ 2 billion by the end of the decade. In spite of its infrastructure and security challenges, U.S. cloud services companies continue to see opportunities for its growth in India. Especially as the government starts to invest in improved infrastructure and expands internet access to more consumers through smart phones. Nobody can deny the fact that Cloud computing is a tremendous innovation in the digital landscape that has changed the way IT solutions are delivered and how end-users put them to use. According to Gartner's recent report, cloud computing will constitute the bulk of IT spending by the end of 2016. It is also predicted that the cloud market will reach over $3 billion by 2017 in India, which is an almost five-fold increase from 2012.

However, the advantages of Cloud are well known and documented by the end users. The Cloud computing software needed can be downloaded from the internet as per the requirement of the unit, by paying the service provider. But as the appropriate application can flourish the organization, the wrong implementation can hamper the safety of the business data as well. Therefore, it is of utmost concern for the organizations to choose the right tool which is the bottom line of the company's growth and make the operations cost effective and risk free.

Therefore, sensing the need of the companies to implement the appropriate Cloud computing applications, Silicon India brings you to the "Top 5 Cloud Application Companies". It is a distinctive panel comprising of CIOs, industry analysts, technology experts' editorial board have handpicked the companies who have high quality Cloud computing consultants and services tailored to the needs of corporate sectors at large. The list intends to help you choose the best suited Cloud Computing System who can contribute to your organization's growth and help your organization to provide better services to masses.
Top 5 Cloud Application Companies - 2016