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Katpro Technologies Pvt Ltd

Katpro Technologies Pvt Ltd

About the Company

Katpro Technologies Pvt Ltd is an advanced products and application development services firm. They have a plethora of products and services for business across the globe that includes:   

  • Cloud Services on Microsoft Azure
  • Web Application Development
  • Migration
  • Assessment and Consultation
  • Hybrid Application Development

Ø Business Process Management and Integration solutions on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365

·       HRMS

·       Document Management System

·       Leave Management System

·       Ticket Management System (Issue Tracker)

·       Progress Tracker & Timesheets

·       Customized Application and Workflow Development

·       Migration

Ø Analytics Services

·       Big Data Analytics

·       Cortana Analytics and Machine Learning for Forecast and Hindsight

·       Business Intelligence and Visualization Services

Current Market Landscape

They have moved from an era where business used to drive data to an era where data drives businesses. Even with regards to data security, due to the plethora of security measures that Microsoft Azure hosts, businesses are transitioning from the traditional approach of securing their own data to an approach of trusting companies like theirs to secure their data on arobust cloud services like Microsoft Azure.

The raw computational power offered by a cloud platform to analyze the abundance of data within an organization is currently underutilized by the majority of the players. The ability to compliment decision making process using vast historical data to provide recommendations and forecasts must be a norm for any business looking for opportunities in the next decade.

Addressing the Challenges

The main challenge in India is the reluctance to move completely to the cloud. Traditionalists in India would rather opt for a hybrid approach, which is good, but, moving completely to the cloud far outweighs the benefits of a hybrid approach. The positive impacts with regards to server uptime and cost cutting are slowly coming into the limelight and businesses are learning that it is better to do away with traditional servers and move completely onto the cloud rather than spend more money, time and space in maintaining them.

They are fully equipped to undertake requirements of any magnitude. Their skills and expertise in the cloud domain have been utilized by various notable clients.

The challenge faced by the Cloud Industry in India is purely a psychological one. People have an innate fear of losing control of their sensitive data. Their approach is to provide honest, truthful facts about the advantages of using a premiere cloud platform like Microsoft Azure, where in their Data is secure, cost effective with an unmatched 99.5 percent SLA.

The company continues to extend their support to Microsoft Azure, being the most reliable and robust cloud platform available today.


Business Process Integration solutions on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365

a.     HRMS

b.     Document Management System

c.     Leave Management System

d.     Ticket Management System (Issue Tracker)

e.      Progress Tracker & Timesheets

f.       Customized Application and Workflow Development

g.       Lotus Notes Migration

h.       SharePoint 2007/2010 to 2013 or Office 365

Cloud Services on Microsoft Azure

i.       SAAS/ Cloud Application Development

j.       Assessment and Migration

k.     General Consultation

l.       Hybrid Application Development

Analytics Services

m.  Big Data Analytics

n.    Cortana Analytics and Machine Learning for Forecast and Hindsight

o.    Business Intelligence and Visualization Services

Differentiating Factors

Katpro Technologies are a niche, boutique Technologies Company.

The team of seasoned professionals at the organization has varied experienced in designing and implementing IT-based solutions for startups, as well as conglomerates. This experience comes in handy when we implement flawless execution of projects across different complexities, irrespective of scale, size or scope.

They are invested in building the right fit team that is not only one of the finest in experience, but also displays exemplary client empathy in understanding your requirement.

As part of their all-round servicing, they also present consulting, development, testing and project management services.

With experience across industries they come across as a reliable partner in case you want to unleash the power of Microsoft technologies for the benefit of your business.


Microsoft, Canon, Carl Zeiss, Honda, USA, City of Long Beach, USA, T-Mobile, Agile IT, RLE International, 3-D Systems, LM WindPower, CnT Group, Puravankara Projects India, etc.

Organizational Culture

They have a team of young and energetic professionals who are

                                                                                               i.      Resilient

                                                                                               ii.      Outspoken

                                                                                               iii.      Competitive

                                                                                               iv.      Aggressive

                                                                                                v.      Self-Motivated


Positivity and ever-smiling faces are something that you will always find at Katpro technologies.

Options for recreation within the facility, combined with frequent team outings along with their respective managers is not only a morale booster, it is a way that helps us bind together as a close knit family.

Harboring Innovation


Everybody at Katpro technologies is asked to spend 10% of their weekly time on personal projects and R&D projects. Based on the feasibility of their ideas, they incubate and develop these innovate products and make it market ready.

They also have a great practice of letting people be creative and take ownership for their own work. They always exceed client expectations because their team delivers its creativity and ingenuity in the final product.

Road Map Ahead

Katpro Technologies are a streamlined company with a converging vision on niche technologies, niche customers, turn key projects and business intelligence to deliver a cornucopia of business process management solution.

Due to their expertise in their domain, and due to their years of experience, the team has mastered the art of envisioning their customer needs. 44 percent of their Market is in the USA, 45 percent is In India, ROW is 11 percent (Australia, UK, Singapore etc.) They are currently on a roadmap to establish a footprint in the Middle East and will be appearing at GITEX 2016, Dubai to showcase their products and services.