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Ajatus Software

Ajatus Software

About the Company

Headquartered in Bhubaneswar, Ajatus is a global leader in offering custom web/mobile application development and analytics on the cloud. They have worked with startups and established organizations and across industries.

Current Market Landscape

Cloud applications are there to replace the traditional application service provider model on account of various benefits it caters. The differentiating point between desktop based applications  and cloud solutions  is that desktop apps offer conventional client-server models that require installation of software at the client's premises, however cloud solutions requires a web browser and eliminates the need to install at the client's premise.

Businesses are seeking paradigm shift in their operations especially in developing economies like India and China of APAC region. Awareness about the benefits of cloud applications in these regions has significantly increased the adoptions of Software as a Service solution by various organizations. Furthermore, developing economies have been the breeding grounds for a large number of SME's that are the largest adopters of such models. As a result, cloud applications market is expected to witness a huge opportunity with its rise in the APAC region. On the organizational point of view, SMEs are adopting and implementing this technology on account of significant cost reductions.

Addressing the Challenges

Talking about SAAS the problem starts right from the basic step. It is tough to get a payment gateway solution. Secondly setting up the payment process is tough, with so many restrictions Indian clients. One cannot set up anything when it comes to a subscription based model, thus limiting theoptions for accepting payments with recurring billing. Another major challenge is hiring quality resource. They felt a huge dearth in the returns they were getting as compared to the sheer amount of time, money and effort investing on hiring and grooming resources. And as a startup you cannot risk a bad hire.


Team Ajatus is into six major services namely, Analylitics Performance, Software Testing, Web Application, Responsive Design, Mobile Application, and Open Source.

Analytics Performance:

Under this service they analyze the logs which help their clients understand their customers better. They can import and analyze their web server logs easily. Team Ajatus, a group of experts not only query and analyze large volumes of heterogeneous structured and unstructured data, but also give meaning to it, allowing it to become useful and precious information.

Software Testing

Team Ajatus is a cluster of expertise and experience professionals in various testing software and technologies. Their software testing services are designed specifically to meet client’s needs. Depending on client requirement, they provide outsourced testing services across various software development methodologies such as, Waterfall, V-Model, Spiral, Incremental, RAD and Agile. Through Agile testing, they deliver on Agile’s promise of ensuring software quality while achieving on-time delivery.

Web Application:

Ajatus is a software house specializing in the development of technically complex and visually impressive web applications. They have a product-oriented attitude, open channels of communication and they engage with their clients at every stage of the project, from concept evaluation, defining scope and specification, UI/UX design, application development to maintenance and support.

Responsive Design:

They are further specialized in the development of rich, responsive web applications using HTML5, CSS media queries, JavaScript frameworks as well as many others of the latest web technologies that provide optimal user experience across platforms and devices.

Mobile Application:

Ajatus is expert in creating native applications that are usually a client-side or an addition to the core web application. Whether their client need to enhance their HTML5 app with native app capabilities or develop a custom solution for their business.

Open Source:

They use a variety of open source tools and technologies. Moreover, they provide consultation of Piwik, an award-winning web analytics package that is an open source alternative to Google Analytics, Omniture and other analytics solutions.



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Organizational Culture

At Ajatus they have a very open culture and work environment like most other startups. They provide Employees. They offer EPF(Employees' Provident Fund), group health insurance which covers both the client and their family, vacation stipends, delicious evening snacks, high tea, athletics programs, and more. But the real perk of working at Ajatus is being part of a community that values the clients work, encourages life-long learning, and fosters a transparent and supportive culture.

Harboring Innovation

Ajatus allow and encourage employees to brainstorm new ideas for the company. Their thoughts and ideas are equally as important to them as well as the company. This allows the employees to grow and encourages creativity.  Employees are allowed to plan small projects on Saturdays and knowledge sharing sessions are very common.

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding:

2) Funding information:  None

3) Founding members: Janmejay Mohapatra & Girish Prasad Sahu

4) Office locations: Bhubaneswar and Bangalore

5) Company strength: 35-45

6) Website:

7) Linkedin: