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Umang .

Umang .

Product Validation Engineer I

Cadence Design Systems


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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
We are a family of four Father, Mother and a younger Sister, Father is a Government Servant, Mother is an Houswife and my sister is pursuing Bachelors of Technology Degree. We are a middle class family Supported Primarily by Father.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
My responsibilities includes Validation of a Cadence Tool FPGA System Planner in which i have to test the basic library parts, perform feature level testing supported by the software automation of the same which includes writing the TCL Scripts, Makefiles, batch files, shell scripts etc.
Changes in the industry
I started just 6 months back and have observed that a QA professionals have started thinking like a customer and due to this only they are able to provide best possible quality to their customers. Nowadays various corporations put in more effort in the QA departments as its a backbone of any product
Currently working at
Since i am Product Validation Engineer i have to perform software automation, have to handle VOBS of IBM Clearcase software, Have to write TCL Scripts, Makefiles, Shell Scripts, Have to perform Feature Level Testing, Customer Library Parts Testing, Testcase Preparation, Software Sanity Checks.
Degrees that Matter
Post Graduate Diploma In Embedded Systems and VLSI Design (PGDEVD) From CDAC Noida,
It helped me grasp the basics of the domain on which i am working and also helped me in learning new tools required in the working environment. Also before stepping into this field i did a necessary hands on practice
Parting thoughts
I have been praised several times for my work which i have done in this field by my Manager and Director and i am pretty much confident that i have dived deep into this QA/Validation field and would like to expand my horizons in the same. I have gained appreciable practical exposure in this field.
Points of inflection
Inflection in my career have always beem from minus to plus as the more i have explored this field the more interest i have given to it and the more i have learned so i would say starting to work in Cadence Design a Global Leader gave me enough confidence and experience that i can do well in QA work
A Fine Balance:
Managing this balance is very easy for me as this field requires attention and devotion for some time and not the rigouruos work all the time, So i do quality work attentively with concentration for some time instead of working carelessly the whole day. that helps me ease work pressure off me.
Required Reading
Silicon India's QATimes
Tech trends to watch out for
I think the majority of QA areas are developing in Automation of the software features which is being tested. Also since i am in a world EDA Leader Cadence i see this area developing. Also I have also been involved in the automation of my tools feature and i am pretty much comfortable in automation.
Role Model
Abraham Lincoln because of his never say die spirit which he showed while losing consecutive elections several time and in the end reached his goal getting elected as President. Relating it here the work life also have this kind of challenges we just have to keep on trying and explore smart solution
Most Important Decisions
Joining Cadence Design Systems working where gave me a lot of practical exposure and the relevant experience required in this field and made me so comfortable in this area that i can take up any challenging work and can do good in it. I decided to do this work since this was my area of interest
Plans for the Future
A couple of years from now i would like to see myself in a managerial position in the same very field in which i am working presently. i think after some years i would have certainly explored this field much and would be able to take up managerial responsibilities so that my experience helps in work
Most Important Lessons
The most important lesson i have learned is to be attentive and concentrated and also to be patient and explorative. If any one of the above property lags the work in this field becomes very tough. In QA field, employee should think like a customer so as to analyse the issue which customers can face
Areas for the Future
In my opinion I think the Automation is the area that will matter the most in future as most of the QA departments are engaging into automation of the softwares which they are testing and there are several methodologies which have arrived in the industry to accomplish the same in a suitable way.
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