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Ask Tushar Panditrao Kadam for Advice
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Advice Request
Tushar Panditrao Kadam
Tushar Panditrao Kadam

Tushar Panditrao Kadam

Software Engineer

Fortune Infocomm Pvt Ltd

More about myself
The first year of my Software was great. Profits were through the roof. And part of that success was due to a friend who helped out. The Software idea was mine, the launch of it was mine, the daily work was all mine. But, I know his help was valuable. We have never talked about who owned how much of the company because it was always 100% my company and he was helping me.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Most great leaders do not become great by chance. It takes a certain type of individual to become a great leader and there are several things that all great leaders have in common. These things are essential leadership qualities that are required for leaders in all areas of life. The first essential quality required in a leader is integrity. Integrity is something that explains a person's inner values and a person's integrity is displayed through his outward actions. People tend to respect leaders that display good integrity. It is a character trait that is hard to develop, but is often developed from childhood on.
Magnanimity is another essential quality that simply means to give credit where it is due.
Couple of years from now
After Couple of years I would like to see myself on a higher position, by working hard in the organisation.At a such position in your company where my knowledge, skill and my hard work, experience, my effort, dedication all reflects together. And I am rewarded for my good work, new creative ideas. I don't want to do something for your organisation but I want to do many things for the growth of your company.
Important lesson learned
There are many things that we learned from life. Many of those things are not taught in schools or universities.You can't control everything. You can do what you can, but something might spring up that changes your life forever.The action of an idea is more powerful than an idea in itself.
Initiative to develop a country
1. Implement "Equal Rights" for all citizens by removing the mess of "Quota and reservation"
2. Bring legislation for exemplary punishments (Including public hangings) for corrupt government officials and politicians.
3. Bring speedy justice to masses by improving on present judicial system
4. Bring "Two party" political System

5. Prevent brain drain and Invest in R&D
My family background
Come to my Family Background,my family consist of 6 member including me.
i am the youngest & me and my Elder sister are Twins.she is a Teacher.My father is 55 yr old ,he is a worker & work in a Sugar factory.My mother is a house wife.she spend her whole life for her children. 1 brother is in 12th & sister is in B.Com.
Brief description about me
I am Tushar Kadam.I live in Pune,Maharashtra,India.i have done my bachelor Degree in Computer Engineer from Nagpur University.Currently am work as Software Developer in Mumbai.I have to develop the Mobile Application (IPhone/Android).
Ensuring success
i am proud to be a part of my Software Industry.become a Software Engineer to develop the software in future used to aim is become a successful Engineer in my Life.
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