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Gurudev Goud
Gurudev Goud

Gurudev Goud


Renewable Energy Engineering Company


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Gurudev Goud's Advice

Respect human value

My humble advise to upcoming Leaders is "Have a strong core values and learn-grow everyday", I further pray to all the leaders to chuck the old bel... more>>
Current Job description
I head Corporate Strategy and Business Development for Design Group -Renewable Energy Engineering Company, founded in 1979 Design Group is a leading Engineering Consultancy firm based in Bangalore offering Technical Consultancy Services in planning, detailed design and implementation of Hydel and Thermal Power Projects and other Engineering Projects.
I am responsible for Design Groups's business development globally, but the organization's current focus is to execute projects in Brazil, Middle East and Africa ( MENA) region. As a company we understand and believe that the developing economies like India along with the BRIC nations would face a severe power crunch with an increasing stress on using only clean-green energy. Design Group is addressing this need by partnering with leading EPC ( Engineering, Procurement and Construction) to address this need.

One of my key job-function defined along with our visionary Founder and CEO Mr. Lakshminarasimha is to harness-power of Internet and Social Media to prospect and increase our sales reach to faraway EPC companies in regions like Brazil and Africa. Not to mention I am lucky to work under Mr. Lakshminarasimha who has had the great opportunity to meet and learn from the Great Indian Engineer Dr. Sir M Vishweshwaraiah during his student days.
Ensuring Success
I am a big fan of the legendary Steve Jobs and believe in "Staying hungry and Staying Foolish" . The way I relate it to my leadership quest is by being hungry for innovation, knowledge and overall growth while constantly reminding myself that whatever effort we take I am still foolish compared to our competitors, so I need to do more and better every day. Not mention I believe and quote the yesteryear artist Michelangelo who said "I am always learning"
Important decision
My most important career decision was to leave a high paying technical Job (when I was with Reuters Mumbai and in charge of South Mumbai) and come to Bangalore to pursue my PGDBA-CFA with the ICFAI Business School. I had to support my self as my parents had retired that year in 1995 , I am grateful to the Management of Sir Puttanachetty Free Hostel who gave me admission, this saved me a lot of cost. As a Kannadiga who was born and brought up in Mumbai coming to Bangalore is also a major decision for me. But the key decision was leaving MindTree a software services company and joining a start-up KTwo to make successful products complete manufactured in Bangalore.
My advice
My humble advise to upcoming Leaders is "Have a strong core values and learn-grow everyday", I further pray to all the leaders to chuck the old belief "Success at any Cost". I once again stress on the "value system" as we have seen very successful people like Lance Armstrong, Ramalingam Raju and a host of our Global and present day Political Leaders who lost everything overnight at their peak of their fame/career, as they forgot one important thing respect for human Values and ethics, sadly they all paid heavily for it.
So I pray to all leaders that Success should always chased while maintaining deep respect for human Values and Ethics. Earth and its inhabitants are one big connected family.
Tackling Grievances
Being in a team and on a path while enjoying our work does give advance insights (sometimes) on our team members before the grievance arises. Whenever our team member realizes that I am with him/her the strength and power to tackle it by him/her grows manifold. Empathy, Inspiration and being around when needed helps handle the issues appropriately.
Leadership skills
Yes! Being a leader in the present growing and uncertain market conditions requires a tough combination of strong value system, experience and team play. Not to mention the continuous understanding of new and upcoming Internet technologies and the innovative methods of harnessing its power.

Being in sync with the Organisation's Vision and Values while chasing the Growth Targets are the three skills a present day leader should posses.
Doing things right
Connecting the right dots is a daily challenge for every leader. I believe in one strong value "If the respect to values are very strong and Intentions are absolutely right, preparations will follow the right path and get fine tuned accordingly then achieving personal and corporate objectives follow" this way I know that I am making the right business decisions and keep the team members, business partners, stake holders and our society happy.
More about me
As a hobby I was invited to act in mainstream Kannada Movies and movies with social cause. I pursue this hobby on a honorary basis. The short movie I acted for Traffic awareness in Bangalore can be found at these links

1. My Traffic Aware Video for Bangalore Police
2. The Kannada Commercial Movie I acted in Kaanchana Kannada Movie Trailer
3. All the movie related photos are available this site

My prospective towards India Technological development
I left MindTree in 2007 just after the IPO and I helped co-found KTwo along with Dr. Anant Koppar, Dr. Koppar had started this company to innovate and make PRODUCTS instead of offering traditional software services, he too had the same background, he worked/founded a software services company Kshema before. Most of the KTwo team members who made these products successful are from rural North Karnataka region and we saw exceptional attitude in them for innovation and good technical skills.

All the team who founded/joined KTwo had only "software services" background. After innovating and bringing successful products like "KSpeak Hands free Car kit" being used by Maruti-Suzuki and KSHEMA Healthcare Solutions which is being implemented in Karnataka and Bihar today, what we saw is that "Attitude, Innovation and Courage" is what differentiates between a Product and a Services Company.

We have seen great technical talent coming from rural areas in search of opportunities to the urban areas. This talent are unfortunately spoilt by our services companies who employ and measure them only on the basis of being "billable/non-billable". The ability to "innovate and being unique/different " are unfortunately never measured. I have seen a few MNC's like Texas Instruments and Intel who differ from this billable/non-billable attitude and hence are successful in India and have taped great products from India.

I have also helped encourage the India Semiconductor Association which was the brain wave of Mr. Janakiraman-Co-founder, President & CTO of MindTree. ISA helps encourage the semiconductor eco-system of India to build and market IT products while linking them with global companies.

We can make significant improvements in our Country's product making capability by two aspects.

1. Our Government needs to encourage by giving 10 years tax holidays to companies which are setting up IT Products & manufacturing for both domestic and International use. We have seen mobile phone companies like MicroMax, Karbon, Spice successfully competing with MNC Giants like Nokia and Samsung. Encouraging the Indian Manufacturing eco-system would further benefit Indian firms from its dependence on China and Thailand for Manufacturing.

2. Encouraging Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Engineering/Tech Colleges. We can repeat the Google, Facebook and HP story in India if we encourage talent when they are in college. The IIT/IIM model of innovation in campus should be extended to every college they should compete with each other for innovating and seeding

successful companies.

3. Present services companies already have the proverbial Sword of outsourcing Damocles hanging over them by Obama Government. The only way out is by getting into exporting solutions and innovating new international quality products for global and domestic markets.

Infosys has shown with its Finnacle product that it can make waves in the Indian Banking Industry, similarly there is a huge and growing Indian and Asian Market which is waiting for India made solutions.
Influenced by
I have been influenced by a lot of leaders and their leadership styles. To mention the key would be our Founding Team led by Mr. Lakshminarasimha at Design Group, Mr. Ashok Soota-ex-MD/Mr. Janakiraman-CEO/Mr. Subroto Bagchi-COO whom I worked under while we were in MindTree, Dr. Ananth Koppar the CEO whom I worked under while he founded KTwo, Mr. N R Narayanamoorthy and Infy team, Dr. Chenraj Jain of Jain Institutions, Mr. Steve Jobs for Innovation, Mr. Bill Gates & Mr. Warren Buffet for achieving Success with Corporate Social Responsibility, Sir Richard Branson in believing "It CAN be done and enjoy your work"" and not to mention the great Seer Shri Shiridi Sai Baba who showed us by his greatness that only one religion exists that is humanity.
Family background
I am married to Geetha who teaches MIS in CMS Jain College we have two children, Son Paratpar-9yrs and Daughter Paromita-2.5 yrs. I live with my parents in Bangalore. We support the 10,000 children of Shri Siddhaganga Mutt at Tumkur which provides free- food, stay and education to children of all religion and communities.
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