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Sujoy Das
Sujoy Das

Sujoy Das

Head - Information Centre

Hindustan Times

Done Differently:
Communication is the key so I would like re-engineer my communication strategy.
Involvement in the Industry
KM implementation at TATA Power and Digitization of India Today.
Working Life Management:
Starting my life early i.e. around 5 am and I am able to find time for me and my family. Also I have good project management skill that is why I am able to plan and complete tasks in time. Most of the time I am proactive and not reactive, which gives me certain advantages to have balance in life.
Professional Strengths:
Ability to simply tasks and ability to read team member's strong and weak points.
Family Background
Married, two brothers, parents, one sister (married)
Growth Strategy:
Learning through books, net, speech... Keeping my ears and eyes open to learn more from others.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Implementation of Knowledge Management system in Tata Power, Digitization project at India Today group.
Advice For New Professionals:
Acquire more knowledge about a particular subject and be an expert. Don't try to be an expert of many subject.
Degrees That Matter:
One can learn advance level MS Excel, any DBMS, MS Sharepoint, HTML, SEO and a course on Knowledge Management from IIM
Role Model:
Mr. T Vishwanathan, who was the director of INSDOC, when I studied Information Management there. He was our teacher also. He has the ability to simplify things, which brings confidence in other and make things happen.
Required Reading:
Read the book on Telecommunication and Networking by T Vishwanathan. Read books on Knowledge Management by Nonaka.
The Journey So Far:
I started my career with Business Standard, then switched to India Today Group. After that I was with Tata Group and again come back to media i.e. Hindustan Times
Job Profile:
My job is to manage all published content of Hindustan Times, so that in time of need we can provide the required information. Apart from managing our own content we need to track others content also. Data, Information and knowledge i.e. processed information are the three basic parts of our resources. Searching information on the net, is another expertise. Digitization and People Management are very important for me. Networking with all offices and outsiders are required for sourcing information.
Career Profile:
Job profile remain more or less same but as I am heading a division now, people management is a responsibility. Also compare to previous job/s, the amount of information that are now being managed are bigger. also from users point of view, the increase is significant at present. Now I am engaged in content research also.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Earlier people asked for Book, Journals and had time to go through it and find the required information. Then people start asking for information and Now people are asking for processed information i.e. Knowledge. So research is now important to survive in this profession.
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