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Stavan Mehta
Stavan Mehta

Stavan Mehta


Ness Technologies Pvt Ltd.


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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I have my wife, mother and sister in my family.
Me and My Wife are staying at Mumbai, My mother is staying at Vadodara and My sister is married to Dr.Darshan Bhatt and she shifted to USA.
My father passed away in year 2000.
Required Reading
As per current industry demand for QA is Test Automation.
Selenium for web and mobile application testing and Robot Framework for Test Automation framework is my favorite.
1) selenium :
2) Robot framework :
Role Model
My role model is Steve Jobs. Because he was having very innovative thoughts and always proved his thoughts by implementations.
Changes in the industry
I started my career as a Java developer & that time QA was almost a manual process. Later on industry started demanding QA Automation and It was a big gap between Developer & QA. Because NO QA was ready to write a piece of code and NO Developer was ready to do QA work. Now that thinking has changed.
Parting thoughts
Currently I am working as Test Automation Architect. Where I have developed Test Automation framework which facilitate QA to test multiple functionality like web app, database, SSH, web service etc. within a single test cases. So,QA just have to use 1 app for all Test cases. It can use multiple LIB.
Plans for the Future
I can see myself as a technology consultant / Technical Architect in couple of years from now. Because I always love to know know new technology and I always try to implement new technology in my work assignment.
Degrees that Matter
I don't have any certifications. Because I believe read knowledge come when you use.
The Journey So Far
I started my career as a Java developer, worked on latest frameworks Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Jasper reports.
At Nokia L&C I get a chance to work on Test Automation and there I worked on Robot framework, Selenium, QTP, UISpec4J, XMLUnit.
And now developing my own Java based testing framework.
A Fine Balance:
At my office hours I only think about my office deliverable.
I always keep my office worries a office and home worries at home.
Most Important Decisions
While coming from Vadodara, Gujart to Mumbai was most important career decision for me. I joined Ness Technology, Mumbai in 2010 and that was a turning point for me.
I got a platform and opportunity to prove my abilities. In Hebrew Ness means Miracle. and it was Miracle for my career growth.
Most Important Lessons
- Keep patience for your work to notice.
- Always be hungry to learn new technologies.
- Always be first to implement those technology in your routine work.
- Think and use your knowledge that industry can benefited from your knowledge
Areas for the Future
1) Test automaion
2) Database testing
3) Cloud application testing. (SAAS, PAAS)
4) Mobile application testing.
Essential Advice
1) Understand software development life cycle.
2) Learn new SDLC methodology like Agile.
3) Train self where he/she should be comfortable for any application testing.
4) Gain domain specific knowledge.
4) Keep yourself open to write a script in at least one programming language.
Tech trends to watch out for
1) Test Automation a major change.
2) Mobile application testing is also a very demanding.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Currently I am working as a Test Architect where I am developing automation framework for QA teams which can be used for any application and can use multiple tools.
In my previous profile I use to contribute to framework implementation and training people on framework enhancement and its usage.
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