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Srinivasa Rao Narasimhadevara
Srinivasa Rao Narasimhadevara

Srinivasa Rao Narasimhadevara


Premier Explosives Limited


Srinivasa Rao Narasimhadevara is a member of:

After few years
Presently I am on the Board of M/S Premier Explosives Limited. I may continue in the board in an elevated position.
Different from others
Understanding the need of the market, developing the product well in advance among the competitors and making the product available to customers at a price lower than their expectations and quality better than their expectations will give an advantage.
Important Decisions
generally there is a belief, career progress will depend on how many companies you have shifted. It may not be true in all the cases.
During my service with m/S Premier Explosives Limted(PEL), I have taken a decision of shifting the company. But the Management wanted me to stay back. I have put some requests before them but they are not able respond positively. Then I have shifted myself to M/S Pennar Chemicals Limted. After two years serving there, I received a call from Management of PEL and they requested to come back to PEL and they agreed to accept all my requests which were denied earlier. Hence I joined back in PEL in a elevated position. In my opinion these are the important career decision I have taken.
Measures to be taken
Maintaining the quality of the product, introducing new products into the basket of company products,minimizing the production cost of the product,studying the latest trends in the market and coping up with the changes are some of the measures I have taken. Today our products command lot of respect in the market and customers are ready to pay a little higher cost also for our products.
Definition of BI
Business intelligence in our context can be defined as knowing the trend of the market, knowing competitors product performance and improving the product quality as required by market. Product improvement and new product requirements to meet.
There is no substitute for hard work is the first point. we should always get educated ourselves with the latest developments in our field of work and subjects concerned. Then only we can be the front runner and can climb the ladder fast.
Comparison of current work from previous one
As President(Production), i was monitoring the production activities of the company. But now as a Director of the company I am more concentrating on new business areas, new products for company, revenue increasing methods etc.
Your Role
As Director(Production), I am responsible for meeting the marketing budgets. What are the requirements for meeting the demand, where are the bottle necks and how to deneck them are my responsibilities. All factpry incharges will be reporting to me. I have to guide them in getting their maximum out put. Coordination with marketing and purchase for the needs of production is also a responsibility.
Describe your struggle of achieving success
After my Doctorate I have started my career in chemical industry as a laboratory in charge and then from quality control I shifted to production from there to factory operations and finally I am the business management.
Personal Information
I am professional engagged as Director In Premier Explosives Limited, Hyderabad. I am from middle class family from east godavari district of Andhra pradesh. Elder brother to 4 brothers and 3 sisters, younger brother to one sister. I am married and father of two sons.
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