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Setu Biswas
Setu Biswas

Setu Biswas

Ceramics Engineer

Saver Refactory ltd, Khadim Ceramics ltd,Monno Ceramics ltd & PRAN RFL group

Challenges faced in job

It feels good to help others. Most people will gladly assist you if they can.
People like to give advice and be recognized for their expertise.
Almost everyone knows what it’s like to be out of work or looking for a job. They’ll sympathize with your situation.
Unemployment can be isolating and stressful. By connecting with others, you’re sure to get some much needed encouragement, fellowship, and moral support.
Reconnecting with the people in your network should be fun—even if you have an agenda. The more this feels like a chore the more tedious and anxiety-ridden the process will be.
My achievement
My Valuable achievement is

Refactory Engineer ( July 12, 2005 - March 31, 2006)
Company Location : Indian
Department: Kiln & furnes
Name of project: Larsen & Turbo Limited-ECC Division
Lafarge Surma Cement Project
Chhatak, Sunamgonj

Working Details:-
• Refractory & Insulation Lining & Anchors.

• Selection of Materials.
1) Mineral wool (2) Ceramic Blanket (3) Insulation Board
(4) Insulation Castable (5) Insulation Brick (6) Fire Bricks
(7) Joining Mortar (8) Casting Materials (9) MS & SS Anchors
(10) Hysile (11) Bitumen paint

• Lafarge Surma Cement project working details:

1) Refractories lining & Insulation (2) Preheater (3) Inlet chamber
(4) Inlet chult (5) Riser shaft (6) Cyclones (7) Kiln hood (9) Coolers
(9)Cyclone roofs & suspended Roofs in the preheter
(10) Burner nozzles (11) Tertiary air duct.

and Table were Ceramics In Monno Ceramics Ltd. is the large factory in Asia.
Company and job profile
I am Setu Biswas , at present work in PRAN RFL group at Manager Operation in Ceramics Project . I have completed Glass & Ceramics Engineering 2004 at BIGC After Than B S S in Nutation University in Bangladesh after EMBA in University of South Asia in Bangladesh ,

Now my company PRAN RFL group large Manufacturing company such as food product, Plastic,Furniture etc , Ceramics is upcoming Project.

My Responsibility, total Project , Inventory Control, Planning , etc

Ok Thanks

Setu Biswas
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
my point of view our country is big problem politic. for this reason timely delivery schedule fail .
I also think that it's such a dynamic and diverse job market that there isn't as clear cut away of always getting into it.
Managing professional as well as personal life
As if the demands of a business were not enough, we have other priorities!

Many of us are professionals, parents, philanthropists, care for parents or pets, and even try to have personal lives. For us as well as our clients, time is the ultimate luxu

A – Tasks that are perceived as being urgent and important.
B – Tasks that are important but not urgent.
C – Tasks that are neither urgent nor important.

Each group is then rank-ordered in priority. To remain flexible, a task system must allow adaptation, in the form of rescheduling in the face of unexpected problems or opportunities. It’s all about respecting time, but not the tyranny of the "to-do" list.

Time is a limited resource that must be parsed out to accomplish a number of different activities. Some ways to conserve time include the following:

Assign priorities and adhere to them
Reduce interruptions from staff
Meet regularly to align current reality with goals and expectations
Empower staff / Delegate
My strongest Skill
Communications Skills (listening, verbal, written). The ability to effectively communicate is by far, the one skill mentioned most frequently by employers. Having the ability to listen, write, speak effectively and facilitate communication are absolutely critical in whatever profession you are engaged in. The bottom line is that if you can communicate well (and have the ability to showcase this) you have a leg-up on the competition.

Interpersonal Abilities. This one is very similar to your ability to communicate, but is specific to the ability to relate to your co-workers, inspire others to participate, and mitigate conflict with co-workers. With the amount of time that we spend “at work” each day these are essential attributes.
Current Trends
i think 1st
Technology :-
Creative -
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IT Consultant
Total Synergy
Sr Mgr BD at HT Syndication
HT Media Ltd.
Microsoft Consultant
Mutual Trust Bank Limited
Cofounder and Chief Business Officer