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Ask Saket Jain for Advice
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Advice Request
Saket Jain
Saket  Jain

Saket Jain

Software Engeneer

AtoS North America

Family Background
I belong to a decent Jain family based in Kolkata. My father is a businessman and my mom is a house wife. My younger sister works for Genpact. We connect very well with each other and we also spend quality time every day discussing the entire day activities, good and bad experiences. My dad is a very optimistic man and I will give him all the credits for where I am right now. His motivating words and the attitude of being upfront in accepting new challenges in life, keeps inspiring me.
First Job Expectation
I would be looking for a Team, which:
1. where all the team members acts as a role model for each other.
2. where everyone is encouraged to learn new things and grow collectively.
3. where the Team Lead, leads with a mind set, "No one should be left behind"
Favorite subject
I love programming in Java and that is my strength. Java is an open-source, very strong and widely used.
About Myself
I am a graduate from Western Michigan University, U.S.A and I also hold a B.Tech in Computer Science from SRM University, Chennai. I love to program in Java, take initiatives in doing thigs and always ready to lead. I have developed a special interest in Indian politics now and started to watch more closely than ever before.
Additional information
I also served as Silicon India brand ambassador for SRM University while I was in final year and I follow the news which pops out of you guys. You guys are growing fine and I wish good luck to the entire team of Silicon India.
Most influenced factor
My Dad and Steve Jobs.
View s for better India
It is very critical and highly essential.

Let me explain why is it critical. We really need to understand those voices who are representing us. We can't just have any one jump in and say, 'we are here for you'. We want participation from folks who are sensible, who have broad mind set, who have the abilities to show the country a path of not just seeking opportunities, but also to create jobs. And of course, those folks who can think beyond the so called, "Vote Bank Politics".

Now, it is highly essential that more and more sensible youth participates. Youth of current India has shown the real maturity over the recent crisis time. For an instance, the tragedy with the 'India's Daughter', in Delhi. We are participating. Now, we the youth, are thinking beyond from inheriting ancestral properties. We want to establish our own empire. We want to create opportunities. The idea of thinking Beyond The Horizon, in every individual of this nation, will definitely foster our country's growth.
Most proud accomplishment
My way to U.S.A was not easy. I had many hurdles from every aspect. But, it was my interest and my dad's commitment towards my education, made it all possible. The biggest accomplishment for any man in this world would be the moment when his father can proudly say, "Yes, he is my son"!. Whenever he says that, I feel like I have accomplished something. And I take pride in that.
My uniqueness
My Sixth sense is very strong. I am very good in reading people's mind and I can easily make out, what is cooking in the person's mind. This is no big deal. Eyes are the mirror of your heart. You just got to read the person's eyes to figure out what's going on. And I think I am very good at it.
Career Expectations
I would see more research oriented teaching being inducted in Universities.
Spare time activities
Music, Chess and Cricket
Challenges facing by students
We really need a road map to know where we are going. I see most of the students, just study for the sake of study. We do not realize, our interest and strength. That is why many talented students end up doing things which is not something they wanted to do. Or, by the time they realize, it would be too late.

I would partially blame the Indian Education system for this. And, honestly the kind of educational set up we have in India, we just can't afford to take an extra bold step.

I was always interested in Distributed Computing. It was only when I came here in USA, I took some classes which helped me learn more about the subject. So, I believe, the biggest challenge for students is, how do they achieve their academic dreams.
Time Management
Well it vary from case to case. Sometimes Time itself is a factor in deciding the priorities. But for the most part, Family and Work gets the top slots!
Most flourishing college experience
When I built an online portal for choosing electives online, in the final year of B.Tech. I was also serving as the co-Chairman of CSEA(Computer Science and Engineering Association), that time.
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