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Sreeraman Thiagarajan
Sreeraman Thiagarajan

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Suggestions to aspirants
Marketing is not sales, sales is just a function of marketing. Marketing is for those who want to sail a journey from identifying a need and creating a demand for that need and meeting them profitability. Great marketers are one's who change the world.
Importance of On line marketing
From toothpick brands to e-commerce companies, online marketing has made possible to have two way communication and engagement with target customers, prospects and extend it to customer service too. It is better late than never for those brands who are yet to foster online marketing.
Marketing is being proactive in foreseeing needs, wants & trends and reactive to customers in meeting those needs and wants successfully & profitably. Organizations has to put marketing, not product, in center; other functions (finance, HR)should exist to help the marketing function do better.
Future trend
A skew in trends towards digital (web + social + mobile) is largely seen. Technology has changed the game for many marketers (e.g - data plans for telecom, e-comm for insurance) , but then there are classic brands that do not change because of technology (e.g chewing gum, toothpaste)
Achieving Targets
Understand the customer, deliver delightful work, sales will come your way.
Importance of sales
One hundred percent. Customers are the life blood of a organization, if sales is not playing a pivotal role, what else will?
Motivating Factor
The most motivating factor from the corporate worlds is- when a bottle of soda and a bag of chips are sold for 10X their costs, I want to be the next one marketing something like that.
Importance of Marketing
As a marketer, debriefing the creative and media planning team in an ad agency setting is the most important role. The role intensifies in importance when doing diligence whether as a creative idea developed in-house fits the brand or not.
Every marketer's job is to keep their customer satisfied; retain the most profitable ones and let go the troubled ones. The challenge is to know the difference between the two and playing the timing right.
Recommended Courses and Certification
Certifications are theory, they become redundant. Go to the market, mingle among your customers, listen and understand what they say about your brand & category. Those insights are precious, do not leave your 'finding insight' just to the research agencies. Get out of that cubicle, now, go!
Marketing is to create demands, sales is to meet the demand
Growth Prospect in marketing
All streams offer equal growth, however the speed of career growth for marketing person is directly proportional to the speed at which he/she can understand their customer's behavior. if you are a HR, then the speed has to be with understanding the psychology of a candidate in 1st meet of interview
Branding is to make a promise to the buyer that the product will deliver its best. Whether a hospital, detergent or mobile phone, the trust of promise made by brand is important for the organization to stay afloat in business.
Marketing cant be learnt by referring just a few, use a RSS feedburner or an app like Flipboard and subscribe to plethora of content from HRB, AMA, Huff Post and from ace marketing writers like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, etc.
Role in an organization
I handle the pivotal role of enabling conversations between brand and consumers. I hold the fulcrum called 'strategy' between brands the agency handles and the creative+media team that works to deliver break through marketing communication solutions
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