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Ask Smita Mishra for Advice
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Smita Mishra
Smita Mishra

Smita Mishra

Chief Consultant and CEO

QAzone Infosystems


Smita Mishra is a member of:

Advice For New Professionals:
Focus on learning and try to be a part of the IT community at large and not be limited to your small world comprising of just the immediate surroundings and people. Be persistent to reach your goals. And dont let your big ambitions over shadow the joy you must experience of your small acheivements.
The Decisions That Matter
Undoubtedly, the decision to go independent was the most significant turning point in my career. However, I would say my decision to make learning a continuous process in my life, has been the most important one so far. It has helped me grow and explore new horizons.
Degrees That Matter:
Not really. But there are many community forums and conferences which are globally held for testing, that can be attended to learn from the leaders in the field. Also, most of the industry leaders coach formally and informally and almost always blog - these are easily accessible, for one to learn.
Working Life Management:
Actually,I dont do this very well.The only thing I take time out for are my kids & their lives.But otherwise I have no fixed rule for balancing my work and life.I enjoy Testing and I can read and talk about it endlessly & I end up stretching my work hours on a regular basis.Need to work on this one.
Other Thoughts:
Not really- not at this point when I have 5 more questions to go for.
Growth Strategy:
I am getting more and more involved with the community at large.Networking & interacting with the leaders in a field helps develop your thoughts & perspectives. Reading the leading journos helps too.Most importantly,I try to implement what I learn - so I know it for myself,what works,what doesnt.
Family Background
Ours is a family with middle class bought up & I have my (still working) mother-in-law, my lawyer husband and my 2 school going kids that constitue it. Most of my traits come from my father, who has been CEO of multiple organizations in steel & cement industry, during his career span.
Done Differently:
I would take time out for learning and being in touch with the peer community always, instead of just being confined to the teams and clients I worked with. There is always someone doing it more smartly , what you are doing. And its important to be aware of them in order to grow.
Job Profile:
In my current role, I am involved in creating test teams, managing testing for software firms, leading the overall test strategy for them. I also support clients in initializing & implementing continual process improvement & have supported them in designing and implementing metrics to measure them.
Required Reading:
There are many and the space here is limited.I dont want to suggest some and leave others as that may not be a complete answer.
I normally put my list of these, at my blog which is
You can visit it to check what all I follow and recommend.
Professional Strengths:
I am a tester & am best at Testing,whether it is functional,automation or performance or mobile apps or any specialized one.I setup high performance test teams & am good at test management & metrics & when I know I am not the best one to be doing a piece of work, I can always guide you to who is.
Role Model:
I used to have many role models throughout my life.Though they kept changing as I kept evolving.Currently,I have none.I do appreciate many people from various fields who have contributed so much through their own ways.Successful people who contribute to uplift the society at large inspire me.
Contribution to the field
I am working at QAzone Infosystems , which is a niche Testing firm based out of New Delhi, India and New Jersey, US. It offers end to end software testing solutions and services. Currently, I work there as their Chief Consultant and CEO.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Yes, a whole lot in terms of technical evolution in the exact field I work for. Also,I see a huge upsurge in entreprenuership,which is great for everyone.More & more businesses are now owned & run by professionals & not by those from business lineage, making a huge difference to the client base too.
Career Profile:
My current role is much more independent and answerable than my previous one, where I was a Program Manager (QA).I am now required to have multiple times more interaction across the board - with clients,teams,industry.Earlier,I was operating in an environment that had mostly constants,not variables.
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